09 January 2009

Respected Technology Blogger / Journalist Roland Piquepaille Dies Suddenly in Paris of Gastrointestinal Virus

Roland Piquepaille was a columnist for ZD Net, and ran his own technology blog as well. His work was of the highest quality, and his contribution will be missed.
Roland passed away Monday in Paris. He was hit with a digestive virus that lead to a high fever and health complications beyond that. Suzanne said that the doctors are still trying to quantify how Roland got the virus and the exact details.

....There will be a ceremony held on Monday. Rest in peace Roland, we’ll miss you. Suzanne said that Roland had a few posts in the pipeline and wanted them published. _ZDNet _ via _NextbigFuture

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Blogger Bob said...

I know nothing of the man, but I love his taste in eyeglass frames. Looks like he made those out of pipe cleaners.


Saturday, 10 January, 2009  

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