08 January 2009

Putin, Chavez, Ahmedinejad: Worried Tyrants Willing to Go to War to Drive Oil Prices Up

The oil tyrants of Russia, Iran, Venezuela, etc. grew popular on high energy prices -- while they lasted. Now that oil prices have grown a bit resistant to rising at every war and rumour of war, Putin, Chavez, Ahmedinejad and cronies are growing desperate! The bloody dictators had been counting on high oil prices to finance their global mischief-making.

How worried are they?

Russia fears a new ruble crisis.
Since August 2008, the Russian ruble overall has fallen 19 percent against the dollar — and not just because of the global credit crisis. The crisis coincided with two other major events: the Russo-Georgian war and plunging oil prices. Russia has seen massive amounts of investment flee because of the Russo-Georgian war. Russia also is looking at the possibility that in 2009 it could run its first budget deficit in a decade because of lower-than-expected oil prices — down 78 percent, to as low as $32 per barrel, from the July 2008 high of $147 per barrel.
Venezuela faces a troubled 2009.
Falling oil prices forced Venezuela to cut its 2009 budget and could put countries like Cuba and Nicaragua, both of which depend heavily on discounted oil from Venezuela to meet their daily energy needs, in serious peril in the months to come. Fellow beneficiary of Venezuelan benevolence Bolivia also could soon feel the ill effects of receiving less oil from Venezuelan state-run oil company PDVSA.
Iran is left high and dry by low oil prices. Ahmedinejad and the mullahs are gambling the future of Iran on bloody mischief-making and empire-building across the middle east, including financing and arming Hamas, Hezbollah, and Shia militias inside Iraq. Other Iranian funded terrorist groups inside Saudi Arabia and the other Persian Gulf oil states are also part of Iran's thrust to become the strongest power inside Islam.

Europe is growing disgusted at Russia for its high-handed use of natural gas supplies as a weapon. But they had to have known last summer that Russia's pre-meditated invasion of Georgia had deeper motivations than just "defending Ossetians." Russia is serious about being the energy bully/dictator of Europe's winter heat supplies. Europe has no spine, no huevos. It will bend over for Putin.

If Putin is able to bully half the developed world while energy prices are low, imagine how many he will be able to bully when energy prices rise again. That is why Putin and his bloody-handed friends are so eager to drive energy prices upward -- regardless of the price in human lives and international instability.

The question on everyone's mind: Will Obama play right into Putin's hands with his plans for cutting all US domestic production of energy? In the name of carbon hysteria and global warming orthodoxy, will Obama make the US even more vulnerable to the Putins, the Chavez's, the Ahmedinejads of the world? Wait and see.

It is certain that the bloody oil tyrants are willing to do whatever it takes to restore and maintain their whip hands. The Hamas / Hezbollah war against Israel is just the beginning, if they do not get their way. The next violence may be a bit closer to your neighborhood.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure they will be so willing to take the responsibility to attack on western targets (inside or outside the western world).

Look how fast Hizbollah denied to be launching missiles against Israel. They know that the next rematch will be the last rematch so they are very prudent.

Their tactics are about bleeding the enemy until it is dead or without the will to combat. Open confrontation with armed opponents is to be avoided as much as possible because they know they will be crushed before or after.

As for Putin, he will deliver the gas and the oil, as he need the money. The biggest players are annoyed by him and the smaller players are damaged, so they will turn as fast as possible to other suppliers.

Bulling is not a good salesman tactic. More he is bulling around more his neighbors look for protection by other players. He, also, is not so strong to like an open confrontation.

Friday, 09 January, 2009  

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