01 September 2008

Leftists Arrayed Against Evolution: Shame On You!

You might think that the religious right is the greatest enemy to evolutionary science, but you would be wrong. In reality, the left stands squarely in the path of the widespread dissemination of the startling findings of evolutionary science. And since the left has control and occupation of the University, it is the left's censorship of science that has the greater impact on society.
Consider the most striking case, the question of whether there are differences between men and women with regard to the distribution of intellectual abilities or behavioral patterns. That no such differences exist, or if that if they exist they are insignificant, is a matter of faith for many on the left. The faith is so strongly held that when the president of Harvard, himself a prominent academic, merely raised the possibility that one reason why there were fewer women than men in certain fields might be such differences, he was ferociously attacked and eventually driven to resign....

...Males and females play quite different roles in reproduction. It would be a striking coincidence if the distribution of abilities and behavioral patterns that was optimal for one sex turned out to also be optimal for the other, rather like two entirely different math problems just happening to have the same answer.

The denial of male/female differences is the most striking example of left wing hostility to the implications of Darwinian evolution, but not the only one. The reasons to expect differences among racial groups as conventionally defined are weaker, since males of all races play the same role in reproduction, as do females of all races. But we know that members of such groups differ in the distribution of observable physical characteristics--that, after all, is the main way we recognize them. That is pretty strong evidence that their ancestors adapted to at least somewhat different environments. _DavidFriedman_via_Instapundit
And leftist superstition and censorship spreads out from the university to the media in turn. From there, pseudo-intellectuals lap it up like the dog-level mentals they tend to be, then pass it on.

Religious rightists are wrong about evolution. But to many non-scientists, evolution does indeed take on many aspects of a religion, since non-scientists for the most part do not actually understand what it is they "believe" about evolution. In fact, many people trained in biology do not truly understand the mechanisms behind the origin of species. And certainly, no one on Earth knows where life originated in the first place. So a lot of the "superiority" felt by people who "believe" in evolution--with respect to creationists--is certainly misplaced.

It is the leftists who should be ashamed of their willingness to subvert and pervert science in the name of ideology. They are the ones who are the greater threat by far.

Aschwin de Wolf expands on this issue in the context of transhumanism.

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Blogger Aschwin said...

Here this issue is discussed in the context of transhumanism:


Monday, 01 September, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Thanks for the link, Aschwin. Enjoyed your article.

Tuesday, 02 September, 2008  
Blogger teacher.paris said...

Very provocative article

A critique of the African-origin theory
Akhil Bakshi


Wednesday, 03 September, 2008  
OpenID creation333777 said...

I agree with you that a lot of the confidence in people's "belief in evolution" in misplaced. However, it is not for the same reason. The reality is that the is no legitimate evidence for macroevolution as can be seen HERE

Tuesday, 18 November, 2008  

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