19 November 2006

Interesting News Briefs

Salk Scientists Learn Limb Regeneration Secrets: Scientists at Salk have accomplished the regeneration of the wing of a chicken embryo. Since chickens are not known to regenerate limbs, this accomplishment may help lead to regeneration of human body parts and organs.

Scientists Detect Viruses with Lasers and Silver Nanotech: UGA researchers have invented a device to detect pathogenic viruses using laser light and silver nano-whiskers. The procedure is very fast and very accurate. Dr. McCoy's hand-held body scanner cannot be far off.

China Executes 80% or More of World's Executed Prisoners--For Body Parts!!: While political activists excoriate the US for executing fewer than a hundred violent prisoners a year, China executes 10,000 or more yearly--including political prisoners. Such political activists are like the drunks who look under the streetlight for their keys, even though they dropped them two blocks down the street. The light is better under the streetlight, you see.

A Boat with a Porpoise: A crazy Kiwi has invented a "dolphin boat" that dives, breaches, and swims like a playful dolphin. Be the first on your lake to drive one of these "porpoise-ful" boats around the water.

Hat tip, keelynet.com
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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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