13 January 2006

Humans Grow Crafty in Approach to Cancer

Biosingularity has more great posts. Snowcrash discusses an approach to killing cancer cells, by smuggling photosensitive conditionally-toxic materials into tumor cells. When exposed to light, these materials become toxic and kill their host malignant cells. Here is a link to the NIH source article.

Daily Biomed has several links to stories describing how people are using dogs to "sniff out" cancer in people. This is an example of an old folk tale that may have had more than a kernel of truth.

Human researchers are learning how the molecular world operates. Most life processes occur at the molecular level. The mastery of the molecular level is the real declaration of "our bodies, ourselves." It is the declaration of ownership of our own life processes.

In addition to all that, scientists are learning how to use RNA interference to block potential cancer causing reactions. The molecule dicer evolved to cut up double stranded RNA in viruses, but also produce short fragment RNAs which can interfere with gene expression. Learning to use dicer as another research tool is just another example of human craftiness. Hat tip to sciencenerd depot.
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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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