11 January 2006

mPhase Partners with Rutgers

mPhase Technologies has been working on its nano-tech "smart" battery technology for several years with Bell Labs and others. Now it has entered a partnership with Rutgers University Energy Storage Research Group, in order to further flesh out the underlying chemistries necessary for development of the new batteries.

The new batteries should be able to retain a charge for many years, without leakage. Modern batteries leak up to 10% or more of a charge over a year's time. Scientific American has a feature article on the mPhase technology in the upcoming February 2006 issue.

Battery storage of electrical charge is often listed as one of the laggard technologies in the renewable energy technologies chain. With better nanotech-assisted battery technology, renewable energy will undoubtably find many more niches. Batteries, flywheels, supercapacitors, and fuel cells, are some of the ways to temporarily store energy, until it is needed. Renewable energy sources are often only available sporadically, and not always during peak demand. Storage technologies will help match supply with demand, a vital function.


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