11 December 2012

Brain Drain vs. Womb Drain: Which Will Deplete Russia First?

Russia is vast and rich, with abundant resources -- both human and natural. Russia should not be in decline. And yet, the bear's life blood is seeping out, as its best young men and women look abroad to escape the growing despair and futility.

Russia's ongoing demographic crisis affects the dying bear in many ways. More.

Not only is Russia suffering a "brain drain," it is also suffering a "womb drain" -- a steady out-migration of its fertile young women.

One aspect of the Russian womb drain is the Russian Bride phenomenon. Every year, thousands of young Russian women go through official emigration channels in order to escape the dead-end of modern Russia.

A darker aspect of Russia's womb drain is the steady out-flow of young Russian women looking for jobs as models and actresses -- but who end up as "hostesses," escorts, strippers, lap-dancers, and prostitutes in clubs and dives around the world.
In 1994–2009, according to the official data, Russia was left by nearly 900,000 women—because of an intensive female emigration, stimulated by various employment agencies abroad. A considerable part of the women, on the pretext of helping to find a well-paid job abroad, was criminally involved in the sex industry and other illegal activity

It is reasonable to assume that the real number of women emigrated from Russia is 1.5–2 times greater than the official data.

The reproductive losses caused by female emigration from Russia are indirectly estimated at 833,000 children that will not be born in the nearest 5 years. [15] _Demographia.ru

Russia's demographic decline has spawned a number of creative "solutions." One Russian feminist, author, and TV personality has proposed a large scale importation of young men from India, to serve as husbands for young Russian women.
Indian bridegrooms can help ward off a Chinese demographic invasion in Russia, says the feminist: “If we do not balance off the Chinese with Indians, Africans or aliens, by 2050 China will annex Russia’s Siberia up to the Ural Mountains.” _The Hindu
This sad portrait of Russian demographics from 2002, was thought to have been made obsolete by Vladimir Putin's bold new approach to governance. Unfortunately, as this update shows, Russia's decline is not so easily reversed.

High death rates combined with low birth rates have led to an ongoing decline in absolute numbers of ethnic Russians. Immigration into Russia from surrounding primitive areas and third world countries paints a false picture of Russian population resurgence -- but the underlying human capital of Russia's core population is being lost.

It is almost as if Putin and his cronycrats have given up on Russia's future, and are merely seeking to stash away as much of Russia's wealth as possible before the population overflow from neighboring countries -- including China -- sweeps across the empty Russian landscape.

Russia is aging rapidly, and losing its working-age population. By 2030, Russia is set to lose 17 million skilled workers. No one knows how these crucial workers will be replaced -- or if it is even possible to replace them.

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Blogger anon anon said...

Bucking the bordering-on-nihilistic white female "womb moratorium" here at home, the Amish are now doubling their population every 18-20 years.


Hmm... wonder what conclusions could be drawn from that... ;)

Tuesday, 11 December, 2012  
Blogger Lime Lite said...

If governments would just do their jobs properly then people wouldn't run away. Western countries should close their borders to third-world/low skilled economic migration and focus on giving the people already living in their countries the best life possible i.e low taxes, no government squandering of our monies, protection, education and health. If we'd leave all the feel-good touchy-feely hopey-changy out of our budgets, then governments would have enough money to give their citizens the best of the best. Instead, they spend our money on rubbish whilst importing more free-loaders into our countries. Something has to give eventually.

Tuesday, 11 December, 2012  
Blogger Oleg said...

Thanks indeed for posting this article. It is so much true. I have immigrated from Russia in 1999 myself and worked in Germany as a scientist. Since 1991 and to nowadays Russia is loosing not just some women of reproductive age but most educated, physically attractive and healthy girls as they are motivated not to live in misery but to get a chance for a better life. Very many are not getting the goal. Been ashamed to come back home they stay abroad anyway. In my visits of Moscow and Russia I can witness certainly a graduate decline in number of cute girls at the streets of Russian cities while a number of those who are are sick from malnutrition, smoking, alcohol and drug addiction grows. Somewhat about a half of new born kids are suffering from chronic illnesses and physically unfit. Instead of this quickly vanishing Slavic population hordes of non-educated Muslims are flooding the state. They bring more drugs like Heroin, more infections, and displace Russians at low paid working places. At high rate of unemployment the migrants are keeping of about 20% of jobs available. As migrants are mostly employed illegally, they do not pay social and retirement taxes. Instead their representatives bribe corrupted bureaucrats and police offices. It turns to be much more efficient to be a criminal that to be a loyal citizen in Russia. Putin and his rich oligarchs see a danger for themselves not in these migrants but in local population and continue replacement of the Slavic population with Muslim migrants while keeping the locals in a hypnotic state by state-controlled mass-media. Soon a legislation that any person can get a Russian passport and citizenship on a claim that he or she is descending citizens of former Soviet Union. Nor mastering of Russian language neither any basic education would be necessary to get the citizenship. Interesting enough that application for citizenship from people of Slavic origin from the same republics of the former S.U. are mostly rejected. Plans are to populate Siberia with about 50 million of Muslim migrants and to replace local population that resists pumping of rich resources out of the country. Easy to imagine that in corrupted Middle-Asian states of the former Soviet Union any person from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh would be able to get a paper that would be a base to get the Russian passport. However, roots of this depopulation problem and a decline of the native Russian population as well as its replacement with fast growing Muslim population are deep in history. They are related to extermination dozens millions of most productive peasants, i.e. Kulaks, in Russia and Ukraine in 30s, as well as to suppression of any motivated, and educated people in the Soviet Union. Wide spreading of criminal moral in Russia from its top leaders to the bottom of poor people has been caused by long-term distortions in society when thieves and criminals were getting an advantage to reproduce and multiply themselves while honest and educated people were rotting in Gulag camps, starving to death or been killed by CheKa and KGB, that is FSB nowadays. So, the problem with Russia is Russians themselves. More precisely, the disturbed and ill-balanced society that has been built by Bolsheviks since 1917 and its continuation after the brake of the Soviet Union. Have Russian any hope not to vanish as a nation, we will see in not very distant future. Till then, the only alternative for any smart and physically healthy Russians is to run out of the country and to look for better life abroad.

Tuesday, 11 December, 2012  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes, it is a tragedy. A man-made tragedy with few politically viable solutions.

If the problem were isolated to Russia, perhaps the world could bide its time, then rush in to assist the Russians when they finally emerged from their long nightmare of bad governance.

Unfortunately for the developed world, it is also enmeshed in many of the same trends of decline which are affecting Russia. Also largely due to bad governance.

Wednesday, 12 December, 2012  
Blogger Benjamin Cole said...

Gee I am so sorry that cute Russian woman, pictured, is headed my way.

BTW, fashions and trends can change. In Israel, big families are back in.

If child-raising becomes "hot" again, it won't take long to produce another few hundred million Americans.

Wednesday, 12 December, 2012  

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