15 November 2010

Coming Anarchy, Mexico and the Resurrection of the Vigilante

The recent explosion of violent lawlessness in Mexico has raised alarms on both sides of the Mexican:US border. As far away as Ireland, people are amazed that as many Mexicans were killed in a single Mexican city [Ciudad Juarez] in one year, as were killed in all of Northern Ireland during the 30 years of the Troubles.

No wonder vigilante groups are springing up in Mexico -- and in the US along the Mexican border -- to try to deal with the rampant violence. It is clear that the Mexican government is unable to handle the epidemic of violence, and the Obama administration is unwilling to enforce border security or ramp up interdiction of illegals -- even violent gang members.

Obama's border policies amount to a de facto importation of Mexican violence into US border states. This vast Obama folly makes the creation of vigilantes on the US side a virtual certainty -- which may be what Obama is hoping for. Unfortunately for Obama, he has lost half of his cheering section in the US Congress, and will probably not be able to leverage any contrived provocation to force the passage of amnesty legislation for illegal migrants.

Vigilance committees were an important part of the taming of the American West -- and in fact are necessary wherever human populations move out beyond the reach of official law enforcement. In the case of Mexico, the lure of easy money from smuggling drugs, smuggling humans, kidnapping, robbery, extortion, etc has become the dominant meme among many Mexicans looking to improve their prospects in a land where prospects are typically few and far between. When violence explodes in this way so that official agencies are unable to cope, the people will often take justice into their own hands.

Many outside analysts feel that Mexico should be a rich country. But crime, chaos, corruption, culture, and large numbers of low IQ citizens, makes it difficult for the nation to maintain enough order to allow a normal market culture to emerge and integrate with the nether parts of the country. As long as the drug cartels are capable of assassinating even the best guarded of Mexico's anti-drug enforcers, chaos has a seat at the table.

As the US plays host to a growing Mexican population -- both criminal and conventional -- individual citizens of all ethnicities and subcultures will have to decide whether they wish for Mexican anarchy to establish a permanent foothold inside the US.

The Obama administration apparently wishes it to happen. But the US is not yet a dictatorship, the citizens still have a voice of sorts. And state governments still have some power under the US Constitution, although in the case of California, the state stands with Obama.

Mexico's coming anarchy could easily spread northward. What is your choice, America?

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Blogger gtg723y said...

Vigilantes are not only more effective but are more cost effective as well. We need to get more of them out on the streets, especially in the lawless areas.

Wednesday, 17 November, 2010  

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