08 September 2009

Good Enough for Government Work?

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You know a society is going downhill when the most coveted jobs are in government rather than in the productive sector. You saw the same phenomenon in Great Britain as the empire was crumbling. In 21st century America, these highly paid government workers are as likely to be affirmative action hires as not. Peter Principle princes and princesses of preferential treatment.
While many federal workers probably grumble about their jobs (as many private sector workers do), they know that the overall package of wages, benefits, and extreme job security (Table 18 here) is very hard to match in the competitive private market, and so they stay put. _Cato
Under the rules of Obamanation, it is growing ever more difficult to succeed and prosper in the productive sector. The costs of doing business are being cranked up so high, that more people are finding the risks to be too great to chance it.

Tenured government employment, at almost twice the average compensation of the private economy, must seem very tempting to the unemployed, underemployed, and soon-to-be unemployed. Unfortunately for most of them, they may not have the affirmative action credentials to qualify.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pay of government employees rose from $50k to $80k during the Bush years, a supposed conservative.

Tuesday, 08 September, 2009  

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