16 July 2008

Look Who Oppresses Women Now: Feminasties!

Feminasties are academic, media, or think tank feminists who attempt to dictate to all women how they should live their lives. In many ways, these feminasties threaten to become worse oppressors of women than the patriarchy was.
I realised that Feminism today is no longer a social movement for gender equality, but a political movement driven by hate and revenge. This vicious hatred is not only directed towards men or even boys, but also towards women, who are related to (or support) men. _Source
Linda Hirshman is one such feminasty who tries to put women in their place according to Hirshman. She recently wrote a diatribe against mothers who raise their children called "Get to Work!"
Hirshman fires with both barrels (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!) at today’s mommies, who are so busy sniffing the Martha Stewart paint chips that they have forgotten Friedan’s exhortation to get out and change the world....Hirshman considers all stay-at-home mothers fish in her barrel (think fish pedaling tiny aquatic bicycles). No target is too small: Hirshman even tears mercilessly into the sleep-deprived new mothers who’ve made the unfortunate decision to share their rambling thoughts on something called Bloggingbaby.com.

...According to [Neil] Gilbert, the debate over the value of women’s work has been framed by those with a too-rosy view of employment,

mainly because the vast majority of those who publicly talk, think, and write about questions of gender equality, motherhood, and work in modern society are people who talk, think, and write for a living. And they tend to associate with other people who, like themselves, do not have “real” jobs—professors, journalists, authors, artists, politicos, pundits, foundation program officers, think-tank scholars, and media personalities.

Many of them can set their own hours, choose their own workspace, get paid for thinking about issues that interest them, and, as a bonus, get to feel, by virtue of their career, important in the world. _Atlantic
The feminasties, in other words, are pseudo-intellectuals with sinecured positions, who condemn women for choosing to raise their own children, from the security of pampered princesshood--"divorced from normal discipline of everyday life in the marketplace". [Neil Gilbert]

Hirshman herself retreated from the rough and tumble of a legal career, into the pampered sinecure of academic Women's Studies. These feminasties have nothing to say to the real world concerns of real women, because they have never experienced a real woman's life. Hiding behind their tenure and faux moral superiority, they hurl invective at any woman who dares to write a life's script that diverges from the feminasty way.

Oddly enough, when it comes to the one large group of women in the world who are truly being oppressed--Muslim women--where are the feminasties? They are somewhere else. To oppose the deep innate misogyny of the Muslim world would require a moral courage that feminasties never acquired. Besides, there is no profit in it, and they might even get hurt. No, tenured princesses understand where their interests lie.

The true feminists of the 19th and 20th centuries who faced down the legal and social barriers to gender equality of opportunity, would have faced down the Muslim misogynists. But the feminasties are made of different stuff. They have their tenure, their security in numbers within the leftist multiculti establishment of academics, journalists, pundits, think tank divas, and politicians. As long as they keep well within the boundaries of current talking points, they are embraced by the community.

What about real world women who have to face the hard choices of give and take in life? The sooner they understand that the feminasties are not their friends, the better they will be able to feel about themselves for charting their own course in life--career, family, whatever.


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Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

Sounds like another unintended eugenics program. Any women who buy into this get their genes removed from the pool.

Wednesday, 16 July, 2008  
Blogger Bruce Hall said...

I've been very fortunate to have a loving wife who elected to stay home to raise our three sons. She benefited by enjoying the time and experience of being a full-time mother when the boys needed her attention. I benefited by having sons who received the care and guidance needed to become ethical and productive men. Our family benefited by having a focus on each other rather than diverse external interests.

Whatever economic sacrifices we made were more than offset by the gains in our personal relationships.

Thursday, 17 July, 2008  
Blogger SwampWoman said...

I thought that the whole feminist movement was supposed to provide women with a choice as to whether they wanted to be stay-at-home moms or enter the work force as professionals.

The women and their spouses that are exercising the choice to stay home and raise their family presumably come from the generation whose mothers worked. Perhaps they remember what it felt like to NOT have their mother home at the end of the day. More likely, financial reality sets in when half or more of a paycheck is being given to day care providers, and transportation costs are eating up the rest.

Thursday, 17 July, 2008  

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