09 May 2006

Did Your Surgeon Graduate from an Online Medical School?

Probably not, at least not yet. It may not be long before technology allows that to happen, however. The decentralisation of learning began with correspondence courses and is accelerating with online education. Virtual Reality technology may just complete the transition. Patient simulators will allow budding students to make inevitable early mistakes on machines, instead of living people, similar to student pilots learning on flight simulators. If medical school education can be provided through distance learning, supplemented by patient interaction under local physician instructors, is there any type of education that requires a large onsite concentration of buildings, students, and instructors?If you have always fancied yourself a shark--wanted to go to law school but cannot take the time or uproot yourself and your family? Check out these online law degree programs from findlaw. What if you always wanted to be a shrink, a clinical psychologist? You can get an accredited PhD in Clinical Psychology online, staying where you presently live and work.

Opportunities for online graduate degrees in Engineering, Nursing, Education, Information Sciences and many others are available. In fact, Canada has a Virtual University system, and so might your home state.

There are many free classes available online, some from Stanford, MIT, Brigham Young, and others. Class notes, slides, supporting materials, are available online for thousands of university courses worldwide. Several of these are linked to on the sidebar of this blog.

Conventional universities may not be the best places for an education these days. Alternatives are showing up just in the nick of time. Employers complain about the low quality of college graduates, because conventional universities often spend more time indoctrinating students in political correctness, than in teaching them to learn and think for themselves, and instilling necessary skills and knowledge. Too many university departments have been taken over by academic maos and pol pots.

If you or your children are more interested in an education than an indoctrination, alternatives on the horizon are expanding rapidly.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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