25 November 2008

Boron Optimistic About The Future

While most financial pundits present a pessimistic view of the near future, Boron adopts a contrarian and optimistic position. Al Fin caught up with Boron at a recent industrial materials conference in Miami.

AF: This is the first time I have interviewed an element. How do you prefer to be addressed?

B: No need to stand on formality, Al. Just call me B.

AF: Thank you, B. To begin, what makes you so special? Almost everyone in the world is pessimistic about the economic future. Why are you so upbeat?

B: Well, Al, I have always felt that I have an important destiny. Even back in the days when Ronald Reagan was the only one who would speak up for me, I never gave up hope. Things are different now. Now I'm a big deal--everybody wants a piece of me!

AF: How do you explain all the new found fame, B?

B: Brian Wang at NextBigFuture has been a great help in telling people about my new compound BAM (boron-aluminium-magnesium) and how it's slicker than teflon and almost as hard as diamond! BAM is going to be a very big deal in industry.

AF: Yes, I quite agree, B. BAM is an incredibly impressive coating material for all types of industrial uses. What else has you so upbeat?

B: Haven't you heard, Al? Scientists are starting to make all kinds of nanostructures out of me. Boron buckyballs, footballs--fullerenes of all kinds. My goal is to make a better nanotube than Carbon! Take that, C!

AF: Yes, well, good luck with that. What else?

B: Have you heard of my ceramic solid Boron Nitride? It has some impressive properties chemically, thermally, mechanically, electrically, and in terms of machinability. Very corrosion resistant too. Another big deal.

AF: Very nice. Anything else?

B: Yes. I may be crucial to cheap, abundant fusion energy. Humans have depended on Carbon for their energy supplies for too long.

AF: Is it possible to get too much of you, B?

B: Well, I am an important nutrient for helping maintain bone structure and bone calcium for humans. And I have a lot of other beneficial effects on the human body including maintaining magnesium levels. But, yes, you can get too much, even of me.

AF: Thanks so much for your time, B. Any parting thoughts?

B: Always remember, boys and girls, even when everyone else in the world is counting you out, keep believing in yourself. I did, and just look at me now!
This has been the first in a series of Al Fin interviews with the elements. Next in line is Carbon, long accustomed to special status among the elements. Stay tuned to discover how Carbon is dealing with these latest challenges from Boron for energy and nano supremacy.


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Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

I knew Boron when he was knee high to helium isotope.

Tuesday, 25 November, 2008  
Blogger Rich said...

Nobody doesn't like molten boron!

Tuesday, 25 November, 2008  

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