02 January 2008

From 5000 Feet You Can Go Just About Anywhere

Until recently, the idea of flying an aircraft on electric power alone would have been ridiculous. But the Electro Taurus from Slovenian company Pipistrel proves that it can be done. At least in a self-launching glider.
The recently announced Taurus Electro (a project started in 2006), has reportedly become the World's first two-seat self-launching electric motor-glider. Details remain scant, but with performance matching the Rotax 503 powered version, the Taurus Electro becomes a "...noise free, emissions free, totally ecologic" alternative to conventional power systems....A total of 6 minutes of climb will get you to 3300 ft, while a 10 minute climb will produce 5000 ft of thermal searching altitude. And as any glider guider can tell you, from 5000 feet, you can go just about anywhere.
Aero News

Via Nextenergy News and Ecofriend

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