25 January 2007

Ice Age Theory: More on the Natural Cycle of Cooling and Warming

A new theory trying to explain the natural warming/cooling cycles of the earth's climate has been proposed by astrophysicist Robert Ehrlich of George Mason University.
In an article appearing in the journal New Scientist, Ehrlich describes how some of these oscillations reinforce one another and become long lasting temperature variations, with the sun's core temperature to oscillating around its average temperature of 13.6 million kelvin in cycles lasting either 100,000 or 41,000 years.

According to the scientist random interactions within the sun's magnetic field could flip the fluctuations between the two cycles which correspond to the Earth's ice ages.

Over the past million years, ice ages have occurred roughly every 100,000 years and before that roughly every 41,000 years.

We know the sun goes through natural cycles of radiative output that significantly affect the climate. Current alarmist factions in politics, the media, and computer modeling have tried to downplay the importance of solar forcing, for obvious reasons. Time is not on their side.

The earth naturally goes through cycles of cooling and warming. Whether this is caused by the changing orbital patterns of the earth around the sun, or whether it is due to a natural cycle of solar dimming and warming--or a combination of both with other natural and human activities--remains to be established.

Current climate patterns are not extraordinary, despite alarmist claims. The sooner the public is given a balanced assessment of the climate, the sooner it can turn to more significant concerns that need addressing.

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