28 August 2005

More Remarks on IQ by Race and Gender

In a recent Commentary Magazine article, Charles Murray updates his findings on IQ as it relates to race. Back in 1994, before I was aware of such issues, Murray and Hernnstein published The Bell Curve, a sociological look at how small differences in IQ, evolved over tens of thousands of years in separated populations, might influence modern social dynamics. His recent article linked above refers to a significant body of research that has been done since the publication of his book.

The thrust of this blog is entirely devoted to helping all humans transition to the next level, regardless of race or gender. It is my emphatic assertion that such a transition as I envision will render any remaining differences in intelligence between groups both random and insignificant. I make a further, more emphatic assertion. The people who oppose research into group differences in intelligence and cognitive abilities, are the very people who are obstructing the transition to a higher level of intelligence for the groups they purport to help. In other words, they are only another version of shit-throwing monkey, criticising honest researchers out of an innate instinct rather than from a rational, principled counter-hypothesis.

These monkeys could learn a lot from a group that they look down upon and secretly despise. I am referring to the class of blue collar worker known as maintenance workers. A maintenance worker is tasked to keep machines and systems of varying complexity operating. If the machines or systems break down, the maintenace person is called upon to repair the system. There is no fudging to be done here. Either the system will be fixed by the maintenance person or it will not. If not, another maintenance person is called who can fix the system. The maintenance person has to understand how the system works, and what has gone wrong. If he cannot do that much, he certainly cannot repair the system, in most cases. Any maintenance person who persists in denying that a system is broken, despite the obvious fact that it does not work, will be relegated to the unemployment line rather quickly.

Shit-throwing monkeys, on the other hand, are paid handsomely to deny that the broken system is broken. The louder their denials, the more they are paid. Millions may suffer because the broken system is neglected, not properly repaired, due to the denials of the monkeys. Nevertheless, the monkeys grow old, fat, comfortably well off, and retire as legends in their own minds.

When two different populations of initially similar individuals are allowed to evolve in isolation from each other for many hundreds of generations, significant differences between the populations are bound to arise. Even when two populations are coexistant geographically, but mostly separate in terms of mating and procreation, differences will show up. Finally, even when two groups coexist geographically, and mate freely with each other, significant differences can persist if the two groups were significantly different to begin with. As in human males and human females.

Yes, the differences in IQ by race and gender do exist, at least statistically and reproducibly. Perhaps they are not significant when it comes to real life performance, or more likely, the differences are only significant in a few specific areas. All the more reason to understand what is happening, and to utilise the very best of the best in the pursuit of the keys to the next level.

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Blogger al fin said...

I have been officially welcomed to spamworld, by the official spam greeting committee. I wonder what took them so long? And so the spam/anti-spam arms race continues . . . to infinity and beyond?

Sunday, 28 August, 2005  
Blogger al fin said...

Very good, Dr. Klein. At least you and I both understand what has been thrown at us by the officious and pretentious bastards. Too many people seem to eat it up, thinking it peanut butter or chocolate pudding.

Monday, 29 August, 2005  

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