17 August 2005

Another Look at Islamic Terrorism

Muslim terrorists generally have one thing in common: they want to install a global Caliphate to administer Sharia Islamic Law over every human being in the entire world. Anyone who violates Sharia would pay whatever penalty the religious judge chose to administer. Beatings, imprisonment, amputation, beheading, death by stoning.

The great return to the Stone Age? Not exactly. Not immediately. There are plenty of modern and semi-modern weapons and munitions to be used by non Salafists against the muslim terrorists. Nuclear, biological, chemical, conventional weapons--all would be used nearly to exhaustion of all supplies. The entire earth would become a wasteland, except those lucky regions where the inhabitants had managed to exclude the Salafists and the effects of their weapons. Even there, the impact of war would intrude, as refugees tried to swarm in to get away from radiation, plague, famine, persecution, and war, bringing much of what they are trying to escape along with them.

Many people scoff at the threat from islamist terrorists. A lot of these scoffers are frightened to death of globalization, global warming, the US "pax americana", eurocentrism, the fruits of modern scientific research, even rational thought itself. These are persons totally unprepared for the violent storm waiting to break. Unconsciously they assume the authorities of the western world, who they hate, will protect them, should the violence they deny so loudly actually come to pass. They are, in short, total fools who deserve nothing from anyone. Unable to protect themselves, unwilling to protect their neighbors, capable only of throwing shit on the very organisations that stand between them and bloody total mayhem. Like monkeys throwing shit.

What can stop this coming deluge of blood and murder? Only rational thought. Only the triumph of western rational thought over the irrationality of the postmodernist shit-throwing monkeys and the religious extremists.

A carpenter, plumber, electrician, and janitor is far more rational than the most "intelligent" postmodern university instructor. Every member of those occupations has to understand what he is doing, and perform appropriately within his task environment in order to do a job well. There is a clear difference between a good job and a bad job in those occupations. Not so for the monkeys employed as postmodern university instructors. Their bad jobs are so obscured, so politically protected, that they cannot be corrected or repaired. There is no discipline for a postmodernist monkey. They are encouraged to throw as much shit as they wish, the more the better.

When looking for rational solutions, do not look to the universities. You expect irrationality from the Sociology, Ethnic Studies, Language Departments, all the Humanities. Even the Psychology, Biology, Paleontology, Genetics, Anthropology, and Cognitive Science departments have been heavily infiltrated by the monkey scat-tossers. Rationality flees the universities as nepotism and political appointments fill the ranks of professors, even in the Science Departments.

Do not look to the corporations. As true-believing nepotists infiltrate the Human Resources departments, further hiring is dominated by nepotistic hires.

Do not look to governments: provincial or central government. The shit tossers took over the bureaucracies over twenty years ago. Rationality is out the window.

Do not look to the media. Only the least intelligent students go into journalism, and they typically halve their intelligence over the course of their training. The best way to lobotomise oneself is to follow the media too closely.

Muslim terrorism has few real enemies willing to stand up and oppose it. It is a grassroots movement supported by activities at tens of thousands of mosques around the world in most countries, even Canada. It will not stop until you are dead or dhimmi.

Think about it.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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