09 December 2012

Obama Makes All American Blacks Look Bad

Humans tend to be "purposeful systems," who sub-consciously (and sometimes consciously) adopt goals and formulate plans toward a goal or an ideal.

Any human-created systems can be characterized as "purposeful system" when it's "members are also purposeful individuals who intentionally and collectively formulate objectives and are parts of larger purposeful systems".[5] Other characteristics are:
  • "A purposeful system or individual is ideal-seeking if... it chooses another objective that more closely approximates its ideal".[6]
  • "An ideal-seeking system or individual is necessarily one that is purposeful, but not all purposeful entities seek ideals",[6] and
  • "The capability of seeking ideals may well be a characteristic that distinguishes man from anything he can make, including computers".[7]

_Purposeful Systems and Ideal Seeking
We cannot become better than our own image of the ideal. If our picture of the perfect is distorted and corrupted, so will our own paths through life be distorted and corrupted.

Obama makes blacks look bad in the same way that Mohammed makes Muslims look bad, Hitler made Nazis look bad, and Mao made Maoists look bad.

When Russians set Putin as their ideal, they cannot become better Russians than Putin. When American blacks set Obama as their ideal, it will be most difficult for them grow beyond the narcissistic and otherwise limited dimensions of their ideal.

But for most American blacks, the problem is much worse than being limited by a corrupted ideal. American blacks not only see Obama as an ideal, they also see him as a saviour and redeemer. Specifically, they tend to believe in a "salvation by faith," rather than a "salvation by works." In other words, most American blacks believe that Obama will save them just by his existence as president -- without any significant effort on their own part to improve themselves. Most humans prefer to receive benefits for little effort on their own part, of course.

Such a dysfunctional belief in an effortless salvation would be bad enough if it were held by a more competent, intelligent, less impulsive, and less violent group. But in the case of African descended blacks, such a blind belief in a saviour figure is disastrous. And if that saviour figure happens to be a narcissist ideologue such as Obama -- with many strong notions but few skills or competencies -- blacks are in a serious pickle.

Goal-setting and intentionality are important ways in which humans can improve their lot in life. If the mechanisms of goal-setting, purposefulness, and intentionality, are diverted and corrupted by dysfunctional ideals and and false premises and beliefs, the entire life's trajectory becomes dysfunctional and malfunctional.

Dangerous Children are brought up to understand that they themselves are responsible for who they are to become. They are not likely to look to others to save them from themselves and their poorly set life trajectories.

It is never too late to have a dangerous childhood.

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Blogger Lime Lite said...

I'm not sure about your assumption. I go onto the Huffington Post website every now and again to read what the liberals are up to. They are all Obama worshipers with such a twisted view on reality (according to me). So, I'm not sure what's going on in the USA apart from there being a huge divide among the conservatives (crazy racists extreme right-wing tea-baggers - according to HuffPo readers) and the liberals, with both sides hating the other. I'm not sure America can recover as Hilary Clinton looks set to contest the 2016 election, and she will most probably win. So America is looking at at least the next 12 years of liberal rule. Good luck with that! Having said that, in Australia, after John Howard was voted out in 2007, the Labor Party seemed to have the next 2-3 elections (4-year cycle) sewn up with the Liberal (conservative party - go figure) seeming to be in the wilderness. They went through 2 leaders before Mr Tony Abbott was voted in as leader and he's steered the party back to an election-winning position, one election later. So, there is hope, but I'm not sure that this necessarily applies to America.

Sunday, 09 December, 2012  
Blogger Matt M said...

But, he makes Jimmy Carter look good!

Monday, 10 December, 2012  
Blogger neil craig said...

I'm not sure Obama is quite that ideal figuire to blacks. He wasn't particularly good as a community activist/politician for black Chicagoans - it was when he started appealing to whites as a transracial healer that he got support.

Tuesday, 11 December, 2012  
Blogger Harold said...

If you knew anything at all about President Obama, you would realize that your article is not based on facts. In his speeches President Obama stresses the importance of personal responsibility especially when he is addressing an audience of young black men and women. In leaning over backward to avoid the perception of favoritism, he has been roundly criticized for not doing enough to help the black community. He is viewed as far from being a savior by blacks. You appear to have just written this piece without doing any research on the subject.

Tuesday, 11 December, 2012  

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