05 November 2012

Sex for Tuition: More on Paying off College Loans

This article was previously published in Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!

Talking to Your Daughter About Paying Off College Debt the Old Fashioned Way
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Let's face it: Paying for college these days is not easy. Tuition rates have skyrocketed much faster than inflation. Total US college debt is over $1 trillion ! Loving parents do not want their children to start their adult lives hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

That is why it is so important to discuss all the options with your child, before she heads off to college. And whether she chooses to sell her eggs, auction off her virginity, or sell her student services for tuition money, she needs to know what to expect.

For those daughters who plan to exchange sex for tuition money, here are several tips provided by concerned mothers of daughters who have walked this path before:
1. "When using sex to pay for college, the most important points that you should stress are include the importance of using a condom to reduce the risk of STI's/STD's and to prevent pregnancy. Discuss options for other forms of birth control if she decides that she wants to use a form of hormonal contraception.

2. "The most important thing in trading sex for tuition money, is that she use protection, and you can even make her an appointment at a Planned Parenthood or her pediatrician, where she can talk to a professional about her options."
3. If she does decide to have sex for tuition, tell to never ever do it without protection - no matter what."
      4. "Protection is the key point you want to emphasize. She probably knows about sex but you need to make sure she is practicing safe sex. Slip condoms in with her stuff before she leaves."

      Sometimes just knowing that she is not alone -- that many other girls are choosing the same resourceful method of paying for college -- can make a student prostitute feel better about herself.
      There is no shortage of historical stories of women paying off debt with unusual means. Take the women that worked her way through law school as a stripper or the doctor that made it through medical school as an escort. _Get Out of College Debt

      Regular readers of "Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!" will understand that there is a time factor at play. As sex robots become more realistic, there is likely to be less demand for human prostitutes -- even college age girls. It is important that young women take advantage of their assets while they have them, and while the competition remains limited.

      Another potential complicating factor is the overall economic situation. In bad economic times -- such as the Obama depression, for example -- more women and girls tend to fall back on instinctive ways of earning income. This means that if the Obama depression continues, college girls are likely to find themselves competing with more and more girls and women -- even high school girls and professional women such as doctors and lawyers.

      College students must consider all of their options for paying college debt, and not make hasty decisions or enter into ill conceived contracts. But always remember that the biological clock is ticking. If you plan to "have it all" -- career, family, kids, private jet . . . -- you will need to use your time and your assets wisely.

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      Blogger Bruce Hall said...

      Hmmm. I was all about defeating Obama, but now I have to rethink that... and perhaps spending time at the student union counting the cash in my wallet.

      Monday, 05 November, 2012  
      Blogger al fin said...

      Right. Good thing they have those ATMs well positioned all over campus.

      Monday, 05 November, 2012  
      Blogger Unknown said...

      Leading the girls nowhere but down, eh? There are moral consequences for this kind of behaviour, both on the girls themselves and the men who pay them for sex.

      I don't know which is the more evil - prostituting oneself to pay off college debt or tacitly enabling it by writing about it without criticizing it.

      What of the gender imbalance and the effect on the sexual marketplace? College men who have the same sort of debt burden who will not have the same opportunity. They'll accumulate similar debt but will have to find honest work to pay it down? What of the consequences on the culture, in the workplace, in the job market? gender liquidity imbalance that must follow. Even if 20% of college women are able to find a buyer, this will have an erosive effect on men's financial independence in the years to come. Coupled with hypergamy and feminism, this can only drive men further into economic decline.

      What lesson will these young women learn about sex? That they can get anything they want from men in exchange for opening their legs? Prostitution is not the oldest profession because it is good but because it is a direct expression of the animal in all of us. Cultivating the human animal is the last thing mankind needs to improve himself.

      What of the influence you yourself might have on your readers? A woman who may not have considered this course of action before may well consider it because you have presented it for her here in a low-risk format. Women as a whole tend to do what men as a whole don't criticise, so by omitting even a skerrick of criticism on this sort of behaviour you are condoning it whether or not the words actually say it. Are you prepared to accept responsibility for whatever moral decline might follow, and for any self-loathing that may dog her for the rest of her life as a consequence? What of future children who might hate her for being a whore? What of the lies she must tell if she doesn't want them (or her husband) to know? What of the betrayal and family destruction if the lies one day get found out? The list goes on...

      That's the problem with being a devils advocate - when your client wins, everyone's future loses.

      Monday, 05 November, 2012  
      Blogger Stephen said...

      Obviously if college degrees are creating such huge personal debt and offering little financial reward then its time for our society to move away from mass college attendance. As for prostitution, if it were legal again, like it was from the dawn of history to the 1910s (when sex hating puritanical bigots and self-interested women got it criminalized), some of these women should consider foregoing college and working in brothels. There is good money to be had with this.

      Monday, 05 November, 2012  
      Blogger al fin said...

      Unknown: If you think this article is bad, you should read some of the things the Al Fin writing staff posts at alfin2500.blogspot.com. Beyond depravity!

      Stephen: The subtext of the article is exactly the first sentence of your comment. Well done.

      The intent of the article is more subtle than playing devil's advocate. It is in part an attempt to arouse something like the reaction displayed by "Unknown," but instead of leaving it there, "Unknown" was supposed to be provoked into thinking along the lines the first sentence of Stephen's comment.

      It is easy to think that modern college is largely a frothing, overcooked waste of resources. But after reading this article one is supposed to feel it.

      Monday, 05 November, 2012  
      Blogger Tim said...

      Anyone who hates you for being a whore is not your friend.

      Monday, 05 November, 2012  

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