30 November 2012

Sex for Tuition in the UK: Is University Worth the Price?

Universities are charging more and more for a product that offers less and less benefit to students and graduates. An out of control expansion of university staff -- a bureaucratic bloat -- is forcing young people to use their bodies as trade goods, just to pay college expenses and pay off ruinous college loan debt.
[College coeds] are taking up pole dancing, escort work and prostitution to help fund their studies as the cost of higher education soars.

The work has been fuelled by an expansion of the lap dancing industry as well as increasing opportunities for anonymous sex work through the internet.

In some cases students are thought to be signing up to a website that connects students with businessmen seeking “discreet adventures” and prepared to pay them for varying levels of sexual intimacy.

Young women can reportedly earn up to £15,000 a year through this work to help fund their studies. _Telegraph

The four year recession (and counting) has closed off opportunites across much of the economy, but the sex industry is doing well. Some opportunites are available in this growing industry for young male students, but most of the available work is for young women.
Research by Teela Sanders and Kate Hardy, of the University of Leeds, found that a quarter of lap dancers had a degree whilst a third of the women they interviewed were using the job to fund new forms of training.

Much of the expansion over the decade was to do with the proliferation of lap dancing clubs. But the internet also threw up a new range of opportunities for anonymous sex work. _Independent
Universities have been allowed to expand staff, salaries, and benefits to the point that the cost to students seems rarely considered in planning sessions. It is as if the point of the university is to provide comfortable lifetime salary and benefits to staff, with affordable education being too far down on the list of university purposes to consider.

And when these students graduate, what will they find? A private sector that is so stricken by bureaucratic bloat and mission bloat of governments, that fewer and fewer productive opportunities in the private sector will be available. Fewer opportunity for jobs and for starting lucrative new businesses that create new jobs. All of this due to the explosion of government, government regulations, taxes, prohibitions, mandates, and more to come.

These bloated bureaucracies create a sense of entitlement, dependency, and a loss of competence in everyone and everything they touch. The destructive expansion of both universities and governments ought to be brought under control before such bureaucratic and often parasitic institutions destroy their host societies.

The only other viable alternative is to build a "shadow society" and a "shadow government." A society based upon communities of dangerous (mature, competent, skilled, independent) children.

And while prostitution would be entirely legal in such a society, no one would be forced to choose that occupation unless she truly wanted to. And while university would be available either free of charge, or at competitive rates, individuals would be judged for their competence -- not for the tonnage of letters after their names.

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05 November 2012

Sex for Tuition: More on Paying off College Loans

This article was previously published in Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!

Talking to Your Daughter About Paying Off College Debt the Old Fashioned Way
Image Credit

Let's face it: Paying for college these days is not easy. Tuition rates have skyrocketed much faster than inflation. Total US college debt is over $1 trillion ! Loving parents do not want their children to start their adult lives hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

That is why it is so important to discuss all the options with your child, before she heads off to college. And whether she chooses to sell her eggs, auction off her virginity, or sell her student services for tuition money, she needs to know what to expect.

For those daughters who plan to exchange sex for tuition money, here are several tips provided by concerned mothers of daughters who have walked this path before:
1. "When using sex to pay for college, the most important points that you should stress are include the importance of using a condom to reduce the risk of STI's/STD's and to prevent pregnancy. Discuss options for other forms of birth control if she decides that she wants to use a form of hormonal contraception.

2. "The most important thing in trading sex for tuition money, is that she use protection, and you can even make her an appointment at a Planned Parenthood or her pediatrician, where she can talk to a professional about her options."
3. If she does decide to have sex for tuition, tell to never ever do it without protection - no matter what."
      4. "Protection is the key point you want to emphasize. She probably knows about sex but you need to make sure she is practicing safe sex. Slip condoms in with her stuff before she leaves."

      Sometimes just knowing that she is not alone -- that many other girls are choosing the same resourceful method of paying for college -- can make a student prostitute feel better about herself.
      There is no shortage of historical stories of women paying off debt with unusual means. Take the women that worked her way through law school as a stripper or the doctor that made it through medical school as an escort. _Get Out of College Debt

      Regular readers of "Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!" will understand that there is a time factor at play. As sex robots become more realistic, there is likely to be less demand for human prostitutes -- even college age girls. It is important that young women take advantage of their assets while they have them, and while the competition remains limited.

      Another potential complicating factor is the overall economic situation. In bad economic times -- such as the Obama depression, for example -- more women and girls tend to fall back on instinctive ways of earning income. This means that if the Obama depression continues, college girls are likely to find themselves competing with more and more girls and women -- even high school girls and professional women such as doctors and lawyers.

      College students must consider all of their options for paying college debt, and not make hasty decisions or enter into ill conceived contracts. But always remember that the biological clock is ticking. If you plan to "have it all" -- career, family, kids, private jet . . . -- you will need to use your time and your assets wisely.

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      26 June 2012

      Should Prostitution Be Legalised to Help Coeds Pay for A College Education?

      This article is cross-posted from Al Fin, You Sexy Thing! blog

      Making ends meet while going to college can be very difficult for young girls, who have often not lived away from home before going to university. California coeds have long discovered the working opportunities available in and around Nevada communities such as Las Vegas and Reno. But in parts of the world where prostitution is less accepted, college girls who utilise their innate assets for raising tuition money are often hassled by law enforcement -- as well as by criminal gangs and pimps.

      College aged girls are at the optimum stage of physical development for using their natural charms to entice salary men to part with their money. And as long as the girls use the money to better themselves, who can argue with their choice?

      "Over the past few years, the number of college students using our site has exploded," says Brandon Wade, the 41-year-old founder of Seeking Arrangement. Of the site's approximately 800,000 members, Wade estimates that 35 percent are students. "College students are one of the biggest segments of our sugar babies and the numbers are growing all the time." _HP

      Several internet sites exist to match college girls with older men with money.

      At least one university president is known to have run a large prostitution ring, no doubt using some of his university connections to recruit girls. University professors have been known to recruit girls from their classes to work as strippers and exotic dancers.

      The main obstacle to developing this opportunity more widely for college girls, appears to be the legal difficulties. As long as college girls have to operate outside the law to pay for school, they must risk losing everything they have worked so hard for.

      If prostitution were legalised, girls could organise for security and protection from all types of predators -- on both sides of the law.

      Legal status might also help prevent more girls from falling prey to drug abuse and addiction -- one of the many hazards of the occupation.

      There is no denying the allure which college aged girls hold for men of all ages.
      Educated, debt-ridden 20-somethings happen to be an age demographic that intersects nicely with Jack's preferences. "I only go out with girls 25 and under," says Jack, whose thick head of white hair and bushy eyebrows form a halo around a red, flushed face. "But I can't walk into a bar and go up to a 25-year-old. They'd think I'm a pervert. So, this is how I go about meeting them."

      As he continues, he repeatedly glances over his shoulder to make sure no one is listening.

      "Most of these young women have debt from school," says Jack, who finds most young women also carry an average of $8,000 in credit-card debt. "I guess I like the college girls more because I think of their student debt as good debt. At least it seems like I'm helping them out, like I'm helping them to get a better life." _HP

      College girls simply have what most men want -- youth, vitality, naivete, and that certain je ne sais quoi, which everyone knows what it is.

      We all know that this kind of thing has gone on for ages. In modern times, when US college student debt is over $1 trillion dollars, we all know that those who can find a way to get out from under all that debt will tend to use it -- if they think they can come out unscathed on the other side.

      Polite societies have long made activities such as prostitution and gambling illegal. But doing so only seems to drive these activities further underground, where they become the province of criminal -- often violent criminal -- elements.

      Of course, the philosophy that everyone should go to college is more than a little insane. But if society is willing to live with that little fiction -- to the tune of $1 trillion in college loan debt -- perhaps society might need to learn to live with a bit of blunt reality in terms of the available choices for paying the debt.

      Should society be willing to face that reality, it might make things safer for everyone.

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      06 February 2011

      American Superbowl A Prime Showcase for Child Prostitutes

      Each year, 100,000 to 300,000 American kids, some as young as 12 years old, are exploited in the sex trade, he says. The traffickers use the Super Bowl and other large events such as the World Cup to ply their trade, Allen says. "The traffickers try to seize that opportunity to do business," he says.

      ...Super Bowl XLV on Sunday in Cowboys Stadium is of particular concern because of Texas' 1,200-mile border with Mexico, which makes the state a bigger target for international rings, says Abbott, the attorney general. Agents are monitoring websites for signs of underage sex offerings and launching undercover investigations in the region, he says.
      "We are watching them, we will find them, and we will prosecute them," Abbott says _USAT
      Image Source

      Child prostitution and human trafficking is an international scourge. Large criminal rings and international human trafficking groups often zero in on huge sporting events -- such as American Football's SuperBowl. The FBI and other US law enforcement agencies are taking a special interest in the Dallas, Texas, area for the next several days:
      Incidents of underage prostitution have spiked during previous Super Bowls, leading to some arrests, says Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

      His office, working closely with the FBI, is bringing in at least a dozen extra agents from Austin and other cities to monitor and combat cases of trafficking in underage prostitutes during Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, Texas, he says.

      "The Super Bowl is the greatest show on Earth, but it also has an ugly underbelly," Abbott says. "It's commonly known as the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States."
      FBI agents often team up with federal, state and local law enforcement officials during Super Bowls to prevent terrorist attacks, ticket scams and other crimes, including high-priced prostitution. Law enforcement agents increasingly are linking up with child advocate groups to crack down on the trafficking and exploitation of minors during the event, says Ernie Allen, president of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. _USAToday
      Mexico is only one of several international centers of global human trafficking. Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Arab middle east are other particular trouble spots for international law enforcement. Such global gangs of human slavery tend to prey on children as young as they can find, in an effort to satisfy the perverse sexual tastes of persons in possession of more wealth than decency.

      The US SuperBowl is one of many large sporting and cultural events which bring out these vultures, and compel their prey. The solution to this sad problem must be multi-faceted, and far more clever than virtually all law enforcement is capable of imagining.

      Previously published at Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!

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      19 January 2011

      New Europe: Sexual Predators Groom Young Sex Slaves

      One of the many disturbing side effects of the ongoing Islamic demographic incursion into Europe, is the tidal wave of rape and sexual predation that results. From Sweden to the UK, very young girls are falling victim to rape gangs and specialised gangs who lure young teens into sex slavery, using drugs and other lures.
      ...most cases of gang-led, on-street grooming [into sex slavery] that have come to light involve British Muslim offenders and young white girls.

      Most disturbingly, the police say that these convictions form only a small
      proportion of a ‘tidal wave’ of such crimes. Yet, until now, there has been a conspiracy of silence over this phenomenon.

      ...these ­particular gang members are overwhelmingly Muslim men. And the common ­characteristic is not ethnicity, but religion.

      For these gang members select their victims from communities which they believe to be ‘unbelievers’ — non-Muslims whom they view with disdain and hostility.

      You can see that this is not a racial but a religious animosity from the fact that, while the vast majority of the girls who are targeted are white, the victims include Sikhs and Hindus, too. _DailyMail
      Recent teen girl victims of a sex-slave gang that was successfully prosecuted, are being threatened with retribution from gang members.
      ...the girls, whose evidence nailed the gang from Derby, have been told that they will be targeted again.

      A mother of one victim, who tried to kill herself after being drugged and raped by the mob, told the Daily Star: “All the girls who gave evidence are scared to death.

      “They have been warned as soon as this lot get out they will return to ‘do them all again’. “All these girls are vulnerable and terrified.”

      The gang’s ringleaders, Abid Saddique and Mohammed Liaqat, both 28, were last week jailed for a total of 19 years. Seven other members of their gang were earlier jailed for 22 years in total.

      But the mum said: “The sentences they got were a joke. They should have been banged up for life, but some will be out in a few months and back on the streets.” _DailyStar
      This unfortunate side effect of "culture clash" is fairly widespread, although there is something of a government blackout on information exposing these gangs.
      NINE Asian men have been quizzed by police over claims they groomed white teenage girls as sex slaves, it emerged yesterday.

      The suspects were held in a series of swoops after 14 girls, some as young as 13, said they were lured off the streets and plied with drink and drugs before being taken to homes for sex.

      Some were also allegedly forced into prostitution.

      The nine suspects, aged between 20 and 40, were arrested on suspicion of rape, inciting child prostitution, sexual activity with a child under 16 and allowing a premises to be used for prostitution.

      The arrests took place last month and the men have been released on bail until March.

      ...Greater Manchester Police have refused to confirm the ethnicity of the suspects saying it was “not relevant” to the alleged crimes. _Express

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      14 July 2010

      Flashblood: Accelerating Africa's Sad Trajectory

      From Mombasa to Zanzibar, the blood of heroin addicts is circulating, carrying pleasure, disease, and death in its current. Referred to as "flashblood", the practise involves heroin addicts sharing not just needles, but their blood as well. The amount of blood transferred is about 5 ml, or a teaspoon, which is more than enough to transfer HIV from one person to another.
      In most East African countries like Tanzania and Kenya, only 3 to 8 percent of adults are infected with the AIDS virus, far fewer than in southern Africa, where the rates reach 15 to 25 percent.

      But among those who inject heroin, the rates are far higher. In Tanzania, about 42 percent of addicts are infected. The rate is even higher — 64 percent — among female addicts, Dr. McCurdy said, and since most support themselves through prostitution, they are in two high-risk groups, and their customers are at risk of catching the disease.

      Most of the addicts she has interviewed who practice flashblood, Dr. McCurdy said, are women. For them, sharing blood is more of an act of kindness than an attempt to get high: a woman who has made enough money to buy a sachet of heroin will share blood to help a friend avoid withdrawal. The friend is often a fellow sex worker who has become too old or sick to find customers.

      ...And, there have been scattered reports of flashblood-type practices in other countries with large numbers of heroin addicts, including Pakistan, but they also have not been confirmed by researchers.

      ...After piercing a vein, an addict will typically draw some blood into the syringe, push it back out and repeat that three or four times to make sure all the heroin has been flushed into their blood. Those offering flashblood will usually hand over the syringe after only one in-out cycle.

      The heroin sold in East Africa, she added, is often quite strong because it has come from relatively pure shipments on their way to Europe from Afghanistan or Asia.

      Until recently, heroin use was uncommon on the continent because most Africans are too poor for traffickers to bother with. But in the last decade, smugglers have begun using port cities like Dar es Salaam and Mombasa and airport cities like Nairobi and Johannesburg as way stations on their routes: law-enforcement officials can often be bribed, and couriers from countries with no history of drug smuggling may escape searches by European border officers. The couriers may be paid in drugs, which they resell.

      With more local users, more heroin is being sold in Africa. In the last decade, law-enforcement and drug treatment agencies said, heroin use has increased, especially in Kenya and Tanzania, South Africa and Nigeria. Brown heroin that must be heated and inhaled — “chasing the dragon” — has given way to water-soluble white heroin that can be injected. Prices have fallen by as much as 90 percent. _NYT

      The dual epidemic of heroin and HIV is a tragedy for East Africa, which has experienced lower rates of AIDS up until now. Blood sharing increases the chance of drug resistant HIV in the population -- largely negating the billions of dollars in well-intended medical aid channeled to Africa over the past decade, in terms of future impact.

      Much of the heroin is flowing into Africa's East Coast is hidden within the burgeoning conventional trade with China. The heroin is strong and uncut, giving the blood recipient a stronger rush than would be the case for the deeply cut heroin in North American or European cities.

      For a population of low average IQ, you will not find many mind-altering drugs which have an overall beneficial effect. Heroin removes a person's motivation to achieve anything beyond acquiring the next dose of drug. Niceties of hygiene are seen as inconsequential in comparison to staving off withdrawal, and achieving the next rush. Communities of drug addicts become evolutionary incubators for colonies of pathological organisms, perfecting their virulence in preparation for a greater assault on the outside world.

      Photo Credit: World News

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      23 March 2009

      Strippers, Porn Stars, and Prostitutes: Women Coping in the Age of Obama

      As a bartender and trainer at a national restaurant chain, Rebecca Brown earned a couple thousand dollars in a really good week. Now, as a dancer at Chicago’s Pink Monkey gentleman’s club, she makes almost that much in one good night. _Source
      Obama has barely begun destroying the US economy, but already women are rushing to fill positions within the "recession proof fallback professions" of exotic dancing, porn video star, and various degrees of prostitution.
      Employers across the adult entertainment industry say they’re seeing an influx of applications from women who, like Brown, are attracted by the promise of flexible schedules and fast cash. Many have college degrees and held white-collar jobs until the economy soured
      As we begin to probe the depths of an Obama depression, basic human motivations and drives come to the forefront. As more respectable businesses find themselves unable to survive under the harsh economic conditions being created by the poor policies of today's incompetent governments, less respectable ways of making a living are being sought.
      In this economy, “desperate measures are becoming far more acceptable,” said Jonathan Alpert, a New York City-based psychotherapist who’s had clients who worked in adult entertainment.
      You will find this phenomenon anywhere the market economy is prevented from working by corrupt and overly meddlesome governments. The Obama reich qualifies on both counts.
      Rhode Island’s Foxy Lady held a job fair Saturday, seeking to fill about 35 positions for dancers, masseuses, bartenders and bouncers. The Providence Journal reported that more than 150 job seekers showed up to apply for work at the strip club.
      There are a number of risks to these professions. Men and women who get caught up in these and other popular entertainments too often become addicted to potent, expensive, and illicit drugs -- which can tip already complicated lives over the brink into chaos. In some situations, exposure to diseases such as hepatitis and HIV can add further risk to these grey and black market activities.

      But these alternative professions are only a few of the ways that displaced and depressed workers are bypassing traditional employment. As in any depression, the global Obama depression is supporting the expansion of the black market economy across many sectors, in many countries -- rich and poor. Unfortunately, crime is yet another black market activity likely to expand under President Obama.

      Thanks to Obama, we are seeing a dramatic expansion of all levels of government that will lead to an even greater contraction of the private sector. There will be fewer paths to wealth and financial security outside of government, other than the grey and black markets. This is just one part of making the US into yet another third world nation. Obama has many other parts covered as well.

      Source for above quotes

      Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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      26 February 2009

      What Are Best Jobs In An Obama Depression?

      Survival Blog has been looking at how to survive an Obama depression. They begin by looking at safe businesses during the 1930s depression.
      According to statistics published some 20 years ago by Dr.Ravi Batra, the safest businesses and industries during the worst years of the Great Depression (1929-1933) were:

      Repair shops
      Educational services (A lot of young men that couldn't find work borrowed money to go to trade schools and college.)
      Healthcare services
      Bicycle shops
      Bus transportation
      Gasoline service stations
      Second hand stores
      Legal services
      Drug or proprietary stores

      To bring Batra's list up to date, I would speculatively add a few more sectors and business that are likely to do well in the next depression:

      Home security and locksmithing (since a higher crime rate is inevitable in bad economic times.)
      Entertainment and diversions, such as DVD sales and rentals. People will undoubtedly want to escape their troubles!
      Truck farming and large scale vegetable gardening (since just 2% of the population now feeds the other 98%--whereas back in the 1930s the US was still a predominantly agrarian society)
      Export consumer goods. (Starting in late 2009 or early 2010, the US Dollar is likely to resume its slide versus most other currencies)
      Pawn shops and gun / ammo shops should do well. Liquor, beer, wine, and other mind altering substances will no doubt be in demand. Loan sharks should do a good business, as should various small scale local gambling facilities and services. Prostitution and related services should also do very well.

      Persons who specialise in construction of fortified reserves and sanctuaries may see an uptick in business, as US citizens more fully comprehend the magnitude of the D'oh-bama "reforms." Off-grid power supplies and alternative communications systems will likewise probably grow in popularity.

      Some US cities should be seen as "unsustainable" due to reasons of poor government, uneducated and / or untrainable population, high crime, crumbling infrastructure and tax base, etc., and should probably be evacuated by persons who have families and small children. Large cities in general -- particularly those with high levels of crime and corruption -- should be abandoned as soon as economically possible.

      Unionised government workers are currently sitting very pretty, at least until their underfunded pensions start unraveling. Tenured professors no doubt feel quite secure at this time, whether or not they should. Persons collecting government disbursements are the fastest growing population in the US. As the dollar loses value, their income (in real terms) will shrink rapidly.

      The best chances for long term survival and prosperity rest in sustainable communities of persons who are highly skilled, competent, and willing to do what has to be done. Very few D'oh-bama voters fall into those categories, so a prudent person will want to choose his residence carefully, with that in mind.

      More on the selection of a community likely to prosper through hard economic times, coming soon.

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      26 February 2008

      Cuba is not a Place for Good Socialists

      Neil Clark went to Havana looking for the socialist paradise he had always heard it would be. By the time he left, he was happy just to get out alive!
      All the people whose views we respect had said that the Caribbean island was a progressive model whose policies on education and healthcare ought to be copied throughout the world. We went there last April desperately wanting to like the place — after all, if George W. Bush and other right-wing nasties hated Cuba so much, then the country must be on the right tracks.

      But we returned home terribly disillusioned. Neither of us had been to a country which was so utterly decrepit.

      ...The average wage in Cuba is a pitiful $17 a month. The monthly ration which includes 283g of fish, 226g of chicken, ten eggs and 1.8kg of potatoes is barely enough for a fortnight, meaning most Cubans need to work the black market to stay alive. Things that we in Britain take totally for granted — such as toilet paper, toothpaste and pens — are luxury goods in Cuba. I’ll never forget the look of joy from an old lady when I handed her a couple of old marker pens and a coloured pencil.

      For Fidel’s chums, life is somewhat easier. Despite its calls for further belt-tightening, the Cuban government last year ordered Series 1, 3 and 5 BMWs for all its ambassadors and a Series 5 model for Raúl Castro, who had taken charge of the country after his brother’s hospitalisation.

      The heartbreaking consequences of Cuba’s currency apartheid were bought home to my wife and I on a Saturday afternoon visit to Havana’s Coppelia ‘Ice Cream’ park. To the right of the park gates was a long queue of Cubans who had only Cuban pesos. They have to wait on average two hours every weekend to get their weekly scoop of ice cream. On the left, there was walk-in access to tourists and the lucky locals who had convertible pesos. Fifty years on, the Cuban revolution has turned full circle in a truly Orwellian fashion. Once again the locals find themselves excluded from the best beaches in their country, as they were under Batista. And prostitution, so rife in pre-revolutionary days, is back — the jineteras being the only group of Cubans allowed to enter the new purpose-built resorts.

      ...The totalitarian nature of Castro’s Cuba is no right-wing myth, but a reality....After the stress of our final day in Cuba, my wife and I were hugely relieved to leave the country. And when we were safely airborne, we both reflected that if any country was in need of a revolution, it was Fidel Castro’s Cuba. ___Source

      Go ahead and read the full story of Neil Clark's visit to Havana. Also consider Czech super-model Helena Houdova, who had to hide her digital memory card in her bra, to get visual evidence of Cuba's collapse out of the country. And think about the people who continue to repeat the lies about Castro's "revolution paradise", and consider what these dishonest rumour-bearers are really up to. And while you are thinking about that, think about the same brainless ideologues who mecca'd to Sandinista Nicaragua, and who continue to pilgrimage to Chavez' Venezuela.

      These are the type of true believers who will happily make 90% of Earth's human population disappear, if that is what the gods of global warming and peak oil demand. It is an unhappy group of pilgrims, acolytes, disciples, and zombies. Their beliefs far outweigh anything that can be shown to their lying eyes.

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