30 October 2012

Dennis Mangan Returns: A Blog Awakens

Mangan's, the notable blog by Dennis Mangan which will be 9 years old next March, has been awakened from a deep sleep. Here are links to his three most recent pieces, as of this writing:

The piece -- "Violent crimes against whites: some evidence" -- links to an important piece from judicial watch, which helps fill some huge gaps in reporting left vacant by the skankstream media:
The rate of violent crime increased by a whopping 17% last year, according to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), marking the biggest jump since 1993. Property crimes also went up 11% last year. That means that in 2011 there were nearly 6 million violent victimizations and more than 17 million property victimizations, according to the DOJ figures.

...Here are more unsettling statistics buried deep in the DOJ’s new crime report; there has been a large increase in the rate of violent victimizations for whites, Hispanics and younger people. That means white non-Hispanics and Hispanics experienced an increase in violent victimization rates, while the rate for black non-Hispanics was stable, according to the DOJ stats.

Additionally, crime rate in the suburbs is growing much faster than in the cities or rural areas, the government figures show. In 2011 suburbanites suffered a 20% in violent victimizations, according to the DOJ. Keep in mind that the feds admit in their report that the figures are probably much higher since only about 50% of violent victimizations were reported to police.

...Not only is the U.S. economy in shambles, violent crime is at an all-time high... _Judicial Watch
This is the sad legacy of Obama's crusade to turn America into a larger version of Chicago.

This information helps substantiate what earlier government statistics had shown:
Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.
Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.
The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

Interracial Crime

Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.
Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.
Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.


Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.
Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely. _Color of Crime (PDF)
If Obama is re-elected to a second term, these statistics are likely to worsen over time, as the underlying problems within US black communities continue to be avoided by politically correct, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats of the leftist persuasion.

These are just a few of the important trends to keep in mind, as we feel our way into an increasingly treacherous future. Thanks, Dennis. And welcome back!

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Blogger Ugh said...

I welcome the return of Mangan's blog. It is, like yours, intelligent and thought provoking. I had given up on Mangans' site a while ago because of the constant, seemingly irrational Israel bashing by himself and his commenters (I suspect there was a personal grudge somewhere against a pro-Israeli Jew behind all this). That aside his views often cut to the bone and added wrinkles to issues I never considered. I'll be re-checking it out!!!

Thursday, 01 November, 2012  
Blogger al fin said...


Human biodiversity blogs can attract racial separatists and / or supremacists, some of whom tend to blame Jews and Israel for all of society's problems.

In addition, many US paleo-conservatives as well as libertarians and leftists feel that Israel receives too much aid and special preferences from the US government.

I tend to be sympathetic to Israel myself. The tiny country has accomplished much, particularly in view of its isolation from the more advanced and civilised parts of the world.

Being forced to dodge bullets, missiles, and suicide bombers on a regular basis must have some sort of "head clearing" effect and a powerful adjustment to one's priorities and perspectives.

Sunday, 04 November, 2012  

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