13 September 2012

The Obama EPA is the Primary Enemy of US Economic Growth

Even before Obama, the US EPA was an engine of demolition against US industry, jobs, and energy. EPA rules and regulations have been used to attack energy of all kinds, from oil to coal to nuclear and more. Obama is using the EPA to destroy the US domestic coal industry. He would have done the same to the shale oil & gas bonanza -- but the resulting jobs destruction would have assured his own defeat in the upcoming presidential elections.

The EPA was always bold, brash, and destructive. Under Obama, it has become even more so.
The EPA gets away with it because rather than employing the actual U.S. court system, it has created its own internal system of “administrative courts” whose “judges” are employees of the EPA and subject to promotion, transfer, or discipline by the agency. Not surprisingly, these EPA courts find in favor of EPA prosecutors in nearly every case, and when they don’t, their verdicts can be set aside by the EPA administrator. And while it is true that subsequent to exhausting their resources within this rigged process, defendants can appeal to the real court system, the EPA process itself can take years, during which defendants’ property can remain confiscated, their liberty endangered, and their credit and businesses wrecked. As a result, most prefer to settle and submit. _Bob Zubrin
Other bureaucracies of the US government also have their own "administrative courts" which are rigged in favour of the prosecution and against US citizens. But whereas other bureaucratic courts may unfairly injure civilians singly, by family, and small business, the EPA courts destroy economic opportunity across wide swaths of the American landscape.
In carrying out these vendettas, the EPA has acted without any sense of justice or environmental concern. For example, companies that chose to pay a certified waste-disposal firm to dispose of a small amount of waste for them in a certified manner have found themselves hit with huge fines when the EPA decided to reclassify the disposal area as a Superfund site and, regardless of how tiny was the firm’s contribution to the waste collection there, chose to penalize the company with the entire cost of the dump cleanup....

...The outrageous behavior, threats to liberty, and devastating harm to prosperity done by the EPA are so vast and varied that they cannot be adequately covered in an article of this length. To even get a handle on the problem, a book­length treatment is required. Fortunately, several are available.... _Bob Zubrin
Sources for further research on the US EPA and its damaging effects on the US economy and US liberty, can be found at end of the article linked above.

The shocking thing about Obama's EPA is that the destructive impact it is having is precisely the effect that Obama wanted to see. He promised to bankrupt coal companies, and seems to have always intended to shut down other fossil fuel industries as it became possible.

With all the problems being experienced by the US government under this president, you might think that he would have no chance to be re-elected. But with almost all of the US mass media willing to go to the wall to defend Obama -- and to attack anyone who criticizes their empty stool -- Obama receives a 15% to 20% handicap from the outset.

While the 2008 US election was a "make or break" election, the presidential candidate facing Obama was particularly weak, and the US voting public was never given a chance to see what kind of president Obama might be. In 2012, the opposition to Obama is stronger, and anyone who has a non-flatline EEG should have wised up to Obama and his regressive regime.

If Obama wins a second term, he will have no reason to hold back his EPA any longer. The islands of economic prosperity that have occurred across the US due to oil & gas fracking are likely to be submerged under a tsunami of Obama attacks -- via his EPA attack dogs.

And then, you might want to find a good, dry, warm, well-lighted place to hunker down.

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Blogger Matt M said...

Of course the EPA drives heavy industry out of the USA and into some nation where pollution is completely unregulated. So, real rates of world wide pollution go up considerable.

Thursday, 13 September, 2012  
Blogger al fin said...

US coal is being exported to Asia, where it is burned in dirty plants with virtually no environmental controls. Obama is shutting down much cleaner US coal plants and making it difficult to build newer even cleaner ones.

In the US, the Sierra Club and the EPA teamed up to stop clean coal plants from being built, or from being completed while in the middle of construction. These people are doing more damage to the US economy and industrial infrastructure than almost all criminals in prison and on parole put together.

This is the face of modern bloated government: a destructive and quasi-criminal diversion of wealth and initiative, away from the productive private sector and toward rent-seeking bureaucrats, appointed functionaries, lobbies, cronies, and elected officials.

Thursday, 13 September, 2012  
Blogger Ugh said...

And the sheeple go on paying 4 dollars at the pump and try to tell me that the President, any President has nothing to do with the price of energy, "it's a global commodity you know". They are so brainwashed they don't realize that the Obama administration's weak dollar policies are exactly what makes oil prices skyrocket. Oil is traded in US dollars, when the value goes down the price of oil goes up. Obama is single highhandedly devaluing the dollar. This while he proudly stands there and tells the sheeple he is going to put a major US Industry out of business. So don't tell me no President has any part in energy costs.

Thursday, 13 September, 2012  
Blogger al fin said...

Craig: Those people hate the idea of voting for a Republican so much that they rationalise reasons, out of whole cloth.

It is an indoctrination that they will either have to live with, or will have to work to overcome.

Thursday, 13 September, 2012  

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