27 April 2011

Crime and Immigrant Welfare by Region

Intentional homicide rates per 100,000 population by region and subregion, 2004[6] Rate
Southern Africa 37.3
Central America 29.3
South America 25.9
West and Central Africa 21.6
East Africa 20.8
Africa 20
Caribbean 18.1
Americas 16.2
East Europe 15.7
North Africa 7.6
World 7.6
North America 6.5
Central Asia and Transcaucasian countries 6.6
Europe 5.4
Near and Middle East/South-west Asia 4.4
Oceania 4
South Asia 3.4
Asia 3.2
South-east Europe 3.2
East and South-east Asia 2.8
West and Central Europe 1.5

Table from Wikipedia

An Audacious Epigone

Welfare use by immigrants from particular countries and regions.
International Homicide Rates Neglecting Subsaharan Africa and South America

World IQ Map via Wikipedia

If one were designing a rational immigration policy in a time of massive national debt and prolonged economic downturn, one would tend to favour immigrants who were more likely to contribute positively to national productivity and achievement. In general, one would not favour immigrants from nations with high crime rates, low average IQ, or nations whose previous immigrants had high rates of welfare dependency.

Unfortunately for the US, current immigration policies are leading to a high influx from just such regions. How stupid is that? Welcome to the coming Idiocracy.

Who is John Galt?

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Blogger ee_ga said...

Its worse than that, more than 35K people have been murdered by the cartels in Mexico and 15K of those were in the last 1.5 yrs.

I read a great article on the subject at reason magazine, don't let the title put you off. http://www.lp.org/blogs/mark-hinkle/who-to-blame-for-the-illegal-immigration-mess-immigrants-or-congress

Wednesday, 27 April, 2011  
Blogger Bruce Hall said...

It appears that your preferred sources for immigrants provide lower motivation to leave for the U.S.

Sort of like trying to figure out what you would add to platinum to make it more valuable. Your options are limited. Logically, you would conclude that you add nothing.

Perhaps the old tests of asylum or critical skills need to be narrowed and enforced.

Wednesday, 27 April, 2011  
Blogger Howard Roark said...

The liberal ideology in one word is: equality. They literally believe everyone is the same, should have the same amount of money etc. and if there is a diffrence its because of "racism" etc. Try talking with a liberal about this kind of thing and you will be shocked. No amount of logic or reason will persude them, because there ideology isn't based on that.

Wednesday, 27 April, 2011  
Blogger M said...

***In general, one would not favour immigrants from nations with high crime rates, low average IQ, or nations whose previous immigrants had high rates of welfare dependency.***

1. The high crime rates are due to the legacy of colonialism and poverty.

2. The low average IQ is due to poverty and lack of education.

3. The high welfare dependency of those immigrants is due to discrimination in the job market.

(I think these are the official explanations?)

Wednesday, 27 April, 2011  
Blogger ee_ga said...

@ Howard Roark: I have found this to quot to be useful, "You cannot supplant with logic those thoughts and ideas that have been adopted through some other means." I am not sure who said it, but I am sure whom ever he was must have at some point in his life argued with a liberal.

Monday, 02 May, 2011  
Blogger ee_ga said...

M: Unless you are Asian then you are called a "high performing minority" and will be discriminated against.

Monday, 02 May, 2011  

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