24 December 2010

Evil Feminist Scientist Plots Elimination of Human Males!

Sterile human male technique[1][2] is a method of biological control, whereby millions of sterile human males are released. The sterile males compete with the wild males for female humans. If a female mates with a sterile male then it will have no offspring, thus reducing the next generation's population. Repeated release of sterile males can eventually wipe out a population, although cloning of human females should allow human survival at desired levels.

The technique is planned to first eradicate the Mormon and Baptist male in areas of North America, as a pilot project. Then, all North American males will be targeted. Next are plans to eradicate human males in Europe and Northeast Asia.

After successful elimination of European and East Asian males, an extended hiatus in the project is planned, to evaluate the results. _AlFinipedia
Revoking Humanity Starting With Males
Australian researchers in 2010 discovered the key to the sterile human male technique, which brings all of our plans within reach.
Adelaide researchers have discovered a way of creating a male human without a Y chromosome by activating a single gene, called SOX3, in the developing fetus. SOX3 is known to be important for brain development but has not previously been shown to be capable of triggering the male pathway.

Professor Manloff and her colleagues have generated male humans with two X chromosomes by artificially activating the SOX3 gene in the developing gonads.

"These XX male 'sex reversed' humans are completely male in appearance, reproductive structures and behavior, but are sterile due to an inability to produce sperm," she says. _Al Fin Science News
The Australian feminist professor has given us just what we need to eliminate the scourge of males. Until we can perfect the pluripotent stem cell - to - sperm technique, we will need to rely upon the "Dolly" technique of human cloning. Just add life extension technology, and a brave new world should soon appear. A utopian world of women, that is now within our reach. Rejoice, sisters, we conquer!

Apologies to Wikipedia and Science Daily, for the entirely unauthorised alteration in content.


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