06 October 2010

The Unutterable Stupidity of Obama's "Smart Grid"

President Barack Obama’s talk about the need for a “smart grid” sounds, well, smart...As currently envisaged, however, it’s a dangerously dumb idea. _SciAm
President Obama tends to be attracted to ideas that sound good on the surface, but which are incredibly stupid and destructive at their core. The so-called "smart grid" is yet one more in a long line of such stupid and destructive ideas coming from the Obama White House.
The problem is cybersecurity. Achieving greater efficiency and control requires hooking almost every aspect of the electricity grid up to the Internet—from the smart meter that will go into each home to the power transmission lines themselves. Connecting what are now isolated systems to the Internet will make it possible to gain access to remote sites through the use of modems, wireless networks, and both private and public networks. And yet little is being done to make it all secure.

The grid is already more open to cyberattacks than it was just a few years ago. The federal government has catalogued tens of thousands of reported vulnerabilities in the 200,000-plus miles of high-voltage transmission lines, thousands of generation plants and millions of digital controls. Utilities and private power firms have failed to install patches in security software against malware threats. Information about vendors, user names and passwords has gone unsecured. Logon information is sometimes unencrypted. Some crucial systems allow unlimited entry attempts from outside.

As the power industry continues to invest in information technology, these vulnerabilities will only get worse. Smart meters with designated public IP addresses may be susceptible to denial of service attacks, in which the devices are overwhelmed with spurious requests—the same kind of attacks now made on Web sites. Such an attack could result in loss of communication between the utility and meters—and the subsequent denial of power to your home or business.

The smart grid would also provide hackers with a potential source of private information to steal. Just as they use phishing attacks to elicit passwords, credit-card numbers and other data stored on home computers, hackers could find ways of intercepting customer data from smart meters. A sophisticated burglar might use these data to figure out when you’re away on vacation, the better to rob your house.

Customer data could also give hackers a way to bring down the grid. Smart meters injected with malware, for instance, could disrupt the grid just as networks of PC botnets—home computers hijacked by viruses—now disrupt the Internet. A network of drone smart meters could cause a swath of the grid to power down, throwing off the grid’s electrical load. The imbalance would send large flows of electricity back to generators, severely damaging them or even blowing them up. _SciAm

The integrated electronics in the "smart grid" will also make the Obama Grid more prone to devastating damage from an EMP attack or a solar storm.

In uncertain economic times such as the current Obama Depression, it makes more sense to toughen the power grid to make it more resistant to hacking and the various forms of catastrophic failure. Instead, it seems almost as if the Obama regime wants to make the US more vulnerable, rather than less.

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Blogger gtg723y said...

Is he attracted to the shiny package or the bomb inside? It is kind of like arguing is it criminal or is it negligent. Does it matter the result is still the same: Coining the term criminally negligent. The more I watch his actions the more I am convinced he is trying to bring about the destruction of the US as we know it. He believes in communism, and wants us to be communist as well. The smart grid is just another insidious means to his evil communist end.

Wednesday, 06 October, 2010  
Blogger Letta Mego said...

The politician, lawyers and engineers totally ignored the health hazards that over 2000 studies have shown this kind of wireless technology carries with it. Obama and the telecommunication industry aren't qualified to say anything about biology. This cell phone type technology that smart meters use alters glucose metabolism and calcium ion channel function in living cells (among other things). Currently industry is trying to churn out studies (often by ghost writers) saying they have proven cell phones and smart meters are totally harmless. These studies are set up for the purpose of showing cells phones are safe...and smart meters are safe. Let Obama regulate the industries but keep him out of our homes. And you that love your wireless gadgets it's okay, it's voluntary. The idiot logic that just because you voluntarily have a cell phone means they can force you to have a smart meter...is something I hope the free citizens of the United States will not tolerate. Obama need to remember what country he's in. This is not Indonesia.

Sunday, 15 April, 2012  

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