26 June 2010

All the Oil In the World

Brian Wang provides an edifying comparison of the amount of oil and the amount of water in the world.
If you mixed it all of the oil into the oceans then you would be looking at about 1 part per million. Which is about 35 times less than the EPA defined safe limit of 35 parts per million limit. _NextBigFuture

Oil and water have been mixing for billions of years. When oil mixes with water, the oil is consumed by micro-organisms, and the water abides to provide a home for sea animals, to circle the Earth time and time again, to fall from the sky, to freeze in glaciers miles thick . . . . over and over through the eons.

The deep offshore oil drilling game has just begun. Any nations which prohibit the drilling of oil off their own coasts are simply dooming themselves to buy expensive oil from foreign sources -- many of them quite violent and disreputable. Humans still need oil, will continue to need oil, gas, and coal for several decades.

Humans have only depended on fossil fuels for just over 200 years, and have several hundreds of years of fossil fuel reserves remaining (counting all forms of fossil fuels). The life of the land and the oceans can handle far more CO2 than the trifling 0.04% that resides in the Earth's atmosphere. Most of Earth's land and sea life evolved at a time when the CO2 concentration was several times higher than at present, and would be thrilled to have more carbon.

But it might be best for industrial nations, at least, to shift to safe, clean, compact nuclear power. A wise use of nuclear fuels could provide humans with tens of thousands of years worth of fissionable fuel. It would take us between 30 and 50 years to shift most of our power generation away from fossil fuels and over to clean and sustainable nuclear fission.

In that period of time, unlimited nuclear fusion is likely to be quite close -- if not already arrived.

"Greens", or faux environmentalists, want to shut down fossil fuels and nuclear energy. They believe that by doing so they will be "saving the Earth." But it is their religion, so they are not thinking rationally.

The Earth is doomed -- has always been doomed -- since before it originated. But there is a question of what will be done on the planet while it exists.

The only intelligent life known to exist, exists on this one planet. Faux environmentalists wish to bring about a great human dieoff.org, to save a planet that is already doomed. They wish to bring about this dieoff as soon as possible -- preferably before humans develop the type of technology which would allow them to travel to space where they could protect the Earth and Earth life from malevolent heavenly bodies and other forces. If advanced civilisations are starved by well-meaning "Greens", then humans will remain stuck on the ground -- unable to protect the planet from its greatest threats which will come out of the dark void.

Humans are on the brink of developing technologies that would allow for clean and relatively limitless energy. Technologies that would allow the cleaning of Earth's land, water, and air to pristine conditions. Technologies that would see Earth life colonising the solar system and beyond -- guaranteeing a far longer existence in the universe than confinement to only one planet would have allowed.

Many of Earth's governments have fallen into the hands of faux environmentalists and dieoff.org enthusiasts. The United States' government is one such. Many nations of Europe suffer from the same faux environmentalist religion as well. Australia and Canada have also had their struggles with the malignant quasi-religion of the great dieoff.

It is good to know if your government is under the control of an elitist group of quasi-religionists of doom. You need to know what you are working and paying for.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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