01 May 2010

Watts Up With That Provides Good Look at Oil Rig Disaster
Watts Up With That Provides Good Look at Oil Rig Disaster

In articles here and here, Anthony Watts provides the best coverage of the Gulf of Mexico oil well head disaster to be found on the web or on the air. Anthony provides a wide array of photographs and a clear analysis of what likely happened.
Conspiracy theorists are burning up the web debating who blew up the oil rig: North Korea vs. environental activists? The mainstream media is attempting to exploit the potential environmental and commercial catastrophic implications of the disaster -- which is barely a notch above the conspiracy theorists at this point.

The immediate problems have to be dealt with: the oil flow must be stopped, and the existing oil slick must be contained. BP may have to drill another well in order to get into position to stop the current well from leaking. And a massive oil containment effort is ongoing, involving a growing army of commercial, governmental, and private participants.

Other than those immediate important concerns, it is crucial that time-critical information regarding the actual events be collected and analysed before conditions change too drastically. Any lessons learned from this disaster will help to plan and design subsequent deep sea oil drilling efforts.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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