27 April 2010

Shocker! Why Organised Crime Likes Carbon Hysteria

Anthony Watts looks at an aspect of the global climate complex that is more than a little bit alarming. Is it possible that organised crime has penetrated much more deeply into the politics and "science" of global warming than anyone thought? We know that organised crime has penetrated the European carbon trading schemes. Could the rot go even deeper?
Much like the late 19th century produced plenty of sordid stories and crime in the development of the oil industry, there is a lot of organised crime rushing to get involved in renewable energy. We can either praise the mafia’s newfound sense of ecological correctness or note the large amount of government subsidy being thrown around rather carelessly.

... In 2009 alone, 19 were arrested in Spain in connection with corruption surrounding a wind farm, there was a scandal regarding recycled carbon trading permits in Hungary, a regulator in Maine accepted an ownership interest in a company he regulated and which he went on to lead, a Washington biologist is accused of steering wind farm funding to his non-profit, Canada is investigating lobbying violations by green lobbyists, the list literally goes on and on. _Wattsupwiththat
Anthony goes on to disclose that Lord Oxburgh -- chairman of a recent official investigation into wrongdoing by climate scientists at EAU's CRU (ClimateGate) -- has close connections to companies that would be badly harmed should the investigation disclose any wrongdoing on the part of the climate scientists. Not surprisingly, Oxburgh cleared the scientists of any serious mischief or deception.

It is increasingly clear that the worldwide crusade of carbon hysteria is itself a colossal scam, meant to relieve developed countries of trillions of taxpayer dollars over the next few decades -- for no good reason except graft on the part of UN officials and third world leaders. Is it so surprising that the mafia and other criminal organisations would want to get in on such a grand scam?

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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