29 April 2010

Doing More With Less in a Recession

In the old days, before cleaning services, illegal domestic help, and WalMarts, people needed to know how to get the most uses out of everything they owned and produced. Thrift was once a necessary part of life, and for most, soon will be again.

Extraordinary uses for ammonia Just don't try to be extra thrifty by mixing bleach with ammonia! Choke, choke, cough cough!

Ten household uses for hydrogen peroxide I never thought of using peroxide to germinate seeds faster!

80 uses for old newspaper
Wrap green tomatoes in newspaper to ripen? Never tried that.

20 great uses for tea tree oil Al Fin has a long and profitable relationship with tea tree oil, and can think of more than 20 uses. But the ones on the list are a decent start.

15 wonderful uses for Witch Hazel For those who think witch hazel is just for hemorrhoids, educate yourselves!

8 Brilliant Uses for . . . . . Urine! Well perhaps not so brilliant, but if you want a reputation for quirkiness -- you might give some of these a try!

101 Money-Saving Tips for Families These tips may help you to have more of something that is often scarce around many homes these days -- money.

Unlimited thrifty living tips This website covers a very wide range of daily activities, where conscious cost reductions can be achieved.

Unless you are living on a gold mine, it is likely that over the next several years you will be forced to reduce expenditures on more than one area of your life where you once swore never to compromise. Too bad. If you voted for Obama then doubly too bad.

But it is never too late to start getting smarter, and become more competent.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link on 80 uses for old newspaper will soon be obsolete.

And yes, the Obama voters deserve the poverty coming towards them.

Monday, 03 May, 2010  

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