15 January 2010

Children: Don't Fear the Plant Food

Schoolchildren are taught early to be very, very afraid of carbon dioxide.  The same low level trace gas (under 0.04% of atmospheric gases) that provides plants with vital carbon for growth, is cruelly thrust into the nightmares of young children as a horrid monster that is destroying the planet.   This is the type of childhood mental trauma that can shape the mental outlook of a young mind, and last a lifetime.

Is it child abuse to fill a child's mind with fearsome images of impending doom?   Certainly, if the doom being force-fed to schoolchildren is based upon a fabrication.  If sweet, hometown schoolteachers are filling your child's mind with invented horrors which have no real basis in science, what should be done?

First, try to understand carbon dioxide's role in the planetary scheme of things.  Without carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, there is no carbon-based life on the surface of the planet.  But will higher levels of CO2 create  a problem?

Environmental Effects of Increased Carbon Dioxide PDF

Limits on CO2 Climate Forcing PDF

Climate Models that predict catastrophic warming are untrustworthy

And besides growing lots of plants, there are many valuable things that we can produce from any excess CO2 that we are lucky enough to find:
When it's exposed to the elements, the surface of copper turns green because it reacts with oxygen. But now scientists have discovered a copper-based material with a surprising property: it reacts with carbon dioxide in air rather than oxygen. Though the reaction is not a practical way to remove large quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it does provide an alternative new route, using a cheap, nonpetroleum feedstock, to make useful chemicals. _TechnologyReview

 More creative uses of CO2 from the UK (via MattGoesGreen)

You might ask yourselves why educational curricula for entire nations would be designed to instill fear inside the minds of very young children. What would be the point of creating herds of fearful, self-doubting and self-loathing human minds-in-development?

Ask yourselves that every morning when your children step out to go to school.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think a more useful question would be why we have centrally controlled education system across the West.

Christianity took 4 centuries to sweep across the Roman Empire, but eco-paganism has only taken 40 years to sweep the modern West.

Friday, 15 January, 2010  
Blogger KGould said...

My oldest son is in Grade 7 now and we are coming across problems with the infiltration of these teachings more and more. He was required to make his own carbon footprint for science class a couple of months ago, for example. A 12 yr old being guilted into thinking about how he is contributing to the destruction of the planet?? How educational!

Thankfully my son is an independent thinker and also participates in discussions about this topic at home so he knows what is going on. He knows it is like an indoctrination and he completes his work as required for his marks, but does not take the information to heart. He brought home his textbooks so we could look through them and pointed out parts he considered 'funny', such as a section detailing the amount of energy 'waste' and emissions created just for a person to eat a hamburger. I enjoyed applying post-it notes to various sections of his textbook that he is going to leave in there for the next student ;)

But it is upsetting. My 7 year old brought home a booklet given out free to schools across western canada that in previous years was all about recycling, saving water, etc. Those are things I have no problem with. But I happened to flip through it this year and found a section on how people should NOT eat meat, dairy, or eggs because it is leading to the destruction of the environment!! I was floored. I live in Cattle Country - the Alberta Prairies. Everything we are about is ranching and farming but this booklet trashed that. It was revolting. It also showed photos of how farmland is destroying the possibility of forests. Sorry but in our region it is so arid, there is no evidence of forests being around here for hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of years! But the booklet made it seem like if we stopped farming, forests would magically appear.

I contacted several sponsors of that book that were listed and told them they better take a long hard look at what their money helped produce because many sponsors were oil and gas companies! Which were then demonized within the pages.

Then at the end of the book I found something quite hilarious. It was a science experiment for kids to try using baking soda, water, and vinegar (think classroom volcanoes). The book states that the bubbles created while mixing the baking soda and vinegar were CO2, 'which is HARMLESS'. Ha Ha! We had a good chuckle over that remark I tell you!

However, I feel like I am about to embark on a 6+ year battle with what my son will be learning and then my two children following after him. It's like a war. Even if all of this were true to some extent, I do not think that showing children pictures of dying polar bears is going to help them learn. They can't do anything about it at the age of 10, 12, 16 - why can't they learn about it when they are adults when they can actually take action? Instead, in my region especially, living in The Gas City (natural gas hot spot), the children are being taught to despise their way of life, hate what their parents are doing to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head, and look upon their family history in disdain. It's truly revolting.

Saturday, 16 January, 2010  

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