24 September 2009

US Has Over 2.5 Trillion Barrels of Shale Oil

...the U.S. has the world’s largest reserves of oil shale, and the government earlier this year added 500 billion barrels of shale oil to the official estimates, bringing the total to 2.6 trillion barrels. America currently uses about seven billion barrels of oil per year. _Examiner
If we assume that we can only recover 1 trillion barrels of the almost 3 trillion barrels available, shale oil alone would provide over a hundred years of oil to the US at current consumption -- which is certain to go down over time! And that is ignoring Canada's trillions of barrels of oil sands. Obama's energy plan is to buy oil from Libya, Venezuela, Russia, and other dictatorships who sponsor terrorism.

The economy is in for big trouble under Obama and his zombie crew. While oil companies overseas are making huge new discoveries, US crews are prevented from exploring. Jobs continue to disappear. The mortgage crisis is poised for another big crash. The derivatives disaster is still waiting in the wings. And even normally optimistic entrepreneurs are coming down with the blues:
In the past year, more than one-third of the entrepreneurs surveyed have shed jobs while only five percent of entrepreneurs have added employees. A majority of entrepreneurs believe that the stimulus package has hurt entrepreneurial activity, and entrepreneurs want government to pursue a fundamentally different approach to encourage entrepreneurship.

..."Pessimism and revenue loss among entrepreneurs on the front lines of the economy indicate that the fruits of economic recovery have yet to hit Main Street," Schramm said.

Other key findings include:

* 69 percent of entrepreneurs believe the recession will last one to two years longer
* 75 percent think the United States cannot have a sustained economic recovery without another burst of entrepreneurial activity

Pollster Doug Schoen surveyed more than 250 entrepreneurs and 150 "would-be" entrepreneurs from Sept. 8 to Sept. 12, 2009. An entrepreneur was defined as someone who has started a business and is currently running it. _Financial Armageddon
We are living in a bizarre world where Obama zombies are in charge. When you voted for Obama last year, you didn't know what you were letting yourself and everyone else in for.

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Blogger Bruce Hall said...

Yes, but isn't it interesting that the Chinese are actively pursuing the control of those resources?


Thursday, 24 September, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes. The Chinese are moving into Canadian oil sands, at the same time that many Canadian officials are wringing their hands over the faux climate catastrophe.

And if Obama succeeds in driving US coal plants out of business, China may try to buy up US coal reserves as well.

Welcome to the Idiocracy.

Friday, 25 September, 2009  

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