07 September 2009

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Increasing Year On Year

Ever since a recent low of Arctic sea ice extent in 2007, sea ice has been steadily increasing yearly cycle on yearly cycle. Despite the prognostications of supposed experts, Arctic sea ice continues to build. This very real and documented fact infuriates the true believing orthodoxers of the crusade for catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. It flies in the face of their blindered dogma, and heartfelt expectations for an ice-free Arctic to prove to doubters once and for all that they are right! THEY ARE RIGHT!!!

.... Except .... they are wrong.

The 2007 arctic sea ice minimum was 4.3 million square km
For 2008 it was 4.7 million sq. km
This year, 2009, minimum was 5.4 million sq. km

In the antarctic, of course, continental ice has built steadily over the past several decades, showing no comparable recent low as in the Arctic (2007).

Glaciers in the Pacific Northwest of North America have been growing recently. Some glaciers in the Himalayas have likewise shown recent growth. Intelligent glacier observers understand that local meteorologic conditions including humidity, winds, and condition of regional ground cover and forests all have more to do with the ebb and flow of local glaciers than measures of global temperature.

Climate hysteria is both a mental illness and a political movement. A lot of people stand to gain significant financial and professional profit from causing developed nations to adopt stringent cap and trade regulations. Too bad the underlying economies themselves will be hammered mercilessly by energy starvation and industrial hamstringing.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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