08 September 2009

Abundant Uranium from Seawater Update

Brian Wang has been following efforts to extract uranium from seawater -- a virtually unlimited supply! Uranium prices are only $46 a pound, down from approaching $150 a pound 2 years ago. Still, forward looking technologists want to insure that Uranium supplies never run out. Here is more:
Uranium recovery from seawater has been emerging issue since in June, 2007, uranium cost rose suddenly to $136 which was ten times as much as past cost. Though the uranium concentration in seawater is 3.3 ppb, total amount of uranium in seawater is 4.5 billion tons. This amount is 1000 times of mine uranium. An adsorbent which has high affinity to uranium is inevitable to collect the uranium in seawater. _NextBigFuture
Of course, before the crash in commodities prices, market forecasters were predicting a price of $500 a pound for Uranium -- any minute now. Just as a Goldman Sachs analyst was predicting $200 a barrel oil a year ago . . . .

Fifth rate resource prophets have been predicting resource apocalypse for hundreds of years, at least. The peak oil catastrophe craze has been around for many decades, since very early in the oil production business. A peak uranium craze was virtually inevitable, and the crazies have not disappointed us.

With a whole wide world of resources mostly unexplored, any predictions of catastrophic resource depletion should be viewed with skepticism. Of course, if one looks at the inner solar system and beyond, the very concept of resource depletion begins to take on dimensions of delusion.


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Blogger Billy Oblivion said...

I wonder if the same process can be applied to Mercury and/or other heavy metals.

Wednesday, 09 September, 2009  

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