22 May 2009

Obama's Policies Based on Pseudo-Science -- Real Scientists Hard At Work Doing Experiments

Obama's religion of manmade climate catastrophe is based upon pseudo-science. But since the debate is not over, and since the science is not yet in, real scientists are looking at some huge gaps in atmospheric knowledge. These gaps in the science of climate are huge and demand to be studied and filled in. Once the ignorance is dispelled, it should soon be clear that Obama and his bubble-headed cronies of green fantasy are simply destroying the economy of the US based upon a false premise.

One of the largest gaps in scientific knowledge pertaining to the Earth's climate, is how clouds affect the heat balance of the planet. Scientists from Brookhaven, Argonne, and UC Boulder aim to reduce that knowledge deficit, using high-tech microwave scanning of clouds.
“Clouds play a critical role in Earth’s weather and climate,” said Brookhaven atmospheric scientist Dong Huang, lead researcher for this study. “But poor understanding of clouds has long limited scientists’ ability to make accurate predictions about weather and climate change.”

One major challenge is the sheer scale of the problem: Cloud processes occur on spatial scales ranging from sub-micrometers (millionths of a meter) to thousands of kilometers. The typical probes used by scientists sample a tiny volume. “Using these methods, it would take hundreds of years to take readings from an entire cloud, while the typical lifetime of a cloud is just tens of minutes,” said ARM chief scientist Warren Wiscombe, a co-investigator on this study.

...The scientists will use a network of five microwave sensors to probe clouds’ thermal emission, or release of heat energy, along with two cloud radars, a variety of optical and infrared sensors, and weather balloons to measure other characteristics.

“Using this combination of instrumentation, we will be able to obtain three-dimensional ‘maps’ of the distribution of clouds, atmospheric moisture, and other characteristics over a domain of about 10 kilometers,” said Huang. _Physorg
Better data from actual experiments -- instead of an infinite regress of navel-gazing computer models based upon faulty data.

Another area of ignorance in computer climate models, is how clouds are actually formed. Cosmic rays affect cloud formation, and are strongest during times of weak solar activity. A giant balloon-based cosmic ray experiment by U Delaware researchers will add further knowledge to our understanding of the interaction of cosmic rays with our atmosphere.
AESOP's chambers contain five parallel aluminum plates connected, in alternate order, to ground and a high-voltage pulser. The medium between the plates is a slow-moving mixture of neon and helium. As a charged particle passes through a chamber, it leaves behind an ion trail in the gas. In the presence of a high electric field, the ions in the gas are accelerated toward the plate surface, resulting in a bright red vertical spark, which is digitized and recorded by a linear charge-coupled device (CCD) camera.

According to Clem, the level of solar activity rises and falls over a period of approximately 11 years and influences cosmic ray intensity. As solar activity rises, cosmic ray activity decreases. Currently, solar activity is low, and we are in a period of high cosmic ray intensity, Clem said.

“We're working to better understand how the sun's changing magnetic field affects cosmic ray propagation through the solar system,” Clem noted. _ScienceDaily
Yet another huge gap in knowledge for computer climate models, is the effect of the oceans on Earth's climate. The oceans appear to be losing heat at the very time that climate catastrophists such as Obama and Gore claim the Earth is warming. Climate alarmists cannot explain the discrepancy, so they ignore it, in the grand traditions of pseudo-science.

And then, of course, there is the 200 ton elephant in the climate room -- the sun. NASA's solar scientists are at a loss to explain their total failure in predicting the activity of the sun over the past two years, and its likely behaviour in the coming years. The sun is the source of heat input to Earth's climate. We are learning that the sun is a variable star. Its activity and energy output changes cyclically over time. The Earth necessarily responds to the sun's variation by varying its climate.

The climate orthodoxy (NASA GISS etc) neglects many of the most important drivers of climate in order to focus on anthropogenic CO2. This tunnel vision plays well on the media, and on the political stage. But it is a piss-poor way of doing science. In fact, it is pseudo-science at its worst. The fact that Obama is basing his destruction of the US economy on delusional pseudo-science tells us a great deal about the lack of substance of the narcissist-in-chief.

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Blogger yamahaeleven said...

I'm trying to figure out how to short-sell this whole AGW thing. There is opportunity to make a killing off of the gullible here, somewhere. My preference is to fleece the likes of Al Gore and his cohort, not the poor saps who got caught up in all this claptrap. A good fleecing would go a long way in keeping folks on their toes....

Friday, 22 May, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

The entire Obama administration is in thrall to the climate catastrophe orthodoxy. Anyone in the government who has anything to do with regulating industry, energy, and the economy has bought into the carbon hysteria religion. That is extremely bad news for all aspects of the US economy.

You may have to short sell the entire US economy, US dollars, and the US government as a whole.

This could have been only an extended recession, with business as usual by summer 2009 -- at least for the next decade until the entitlement shock hit. Instead, Obama is turning it into the death of the US economy and the conversion of the US into his own third world country like Chavez' Venezuela or Mugabe's Zimbabwe. What a clown.

We know the news media and the public employee unions are largely to blame for this fiasco, along with ACORN and a very slick quasi-illegal election machine. But who are the masses of fools who voted for this Bozo?

Friday, 22 May, 2009  
Blogger Kirk said...

"But who are the masses of fools who voted for this Bozo?"

People generally want to feel good about themselves. By believing in AGW, the masses who have led lives of self-interest buy heroism-on-the-cheap. Instead of joining the military and really fighting terrorism, they buy a Prius and convince themselves they're either saving the world from AGW, and/or fighting terrorism by not buying as much oil. (A good example is Bill Maher's book, "Ride Alone and You Ride with Bin Laden.")

This is why folks who have really performed selfless actions generally don't identify with the AGW crowd.

Monday, 25 May, 2009  

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