09 January 2009

As Europe Freezes, Who Will Fight Back Against Carbon Hysteria and Nuclear Phobia?

Europe suffers from both a shortage of energy and a fear of energy. As Europeans freeze from the lack of ability to heat homes and businesses, the underlying fear that keeps them frozen has not been addressed. Until now.
The dispute between Russia and Ukraine became dramatic after Russian gas company Gazprom halted gas deliveries to Ukraine in early January as it failed to agree on new prices with the country.

As a result, several EU states have been left without gas. Countries affected by the shortage of Russian gas have been using gas from their storage tanks and are leading talks about raising gas supplies via different routes.

...The solution to Europe's energy problems is the rise of nuclear energy, President Václav Klaus said at news conference Thursday after meeting his Polish counterpart Lech Kaczynski. _PragueMonitor
In Slovakia, government leaders are contemplating re-starting a nuclear power reactor that had been recently shut down to comply with rules of EU membership. Imagine: In order to belong to the EU a country has to place itself at the mercy of foreign energy suppliers. Unbelievable!

Much of Europe is dependent upon natural gas for energy and heat. Italian officials are beginning to state publicly that Italy must develop nuclear energy as "the only solution" to Italy's energy import problem. Other EU nations are belatedly arriving at similar conclusions. Unfortunately, the EU itself, in Brussels, remains mired in both carbon hysteria and nuclear phobia. Fear of energy. In the US, state governments may be in for a similar fight for energy against the growing carbon hysteria and various energy phobias of the incoming Obama administration.

Cold winters have a way of exposing the absurdity of bureaucratic groupthink. Reality bites, as they say.
Serbs, traditional allies of Moscow, on burned a Russian flag in the town of Kragujevac during angry protests at heating shortages, affecting up to 170,000 homes, caused by the continuing gas crisis.

In Bulgaria, 64 schools across the country remained closed and at least 30,000 households remained without any heating.

Over 70,000 households in the snow-blanketed Bosnian capital of Sarajevo remained without heating for a fourth day due to the halt in Russian supplies. Telegraph
Nuclear power makes sense for Europe. Unlike wind and solar, nuclear is a baseline power technology. As new generations of safer and more economical reactors come on-line, the residual nuclear phobias dating back to Chernobyl and beyond, will be forgotten.

IGCC coal gasification in combined heat and power (CHP) installations that incorporate combined cycle (gas turbines and steam turbines) provide a non-polluting form of coal utilisation with high versatility. Fear of coal within the EU and the incoming Obama administration is set to cause undue hardship upon the people who fall within the jurisdictions of those misinformed and largely incompetent government entities.

As Europe and later much of the developed world freezes, who will fight back against the hysterics and phobics who have seized control? Who will speak out against these destructive and fearful fools who are supported by the news media at large? It sounds like a job for "new media."

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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