31 December 2008

Abandoned Outposts Disappearing into Time

From the glacial Greenland interior to the Antarctic wastes, once active and thriving human outposts lie abandoned.

Growing ice in Greenland is reclaiming the old Dye-2 and Dye-3 early warning radar sites, abandoned in 1990/91.
In looking back at the time the sites were abandoned, one console operator lamented “We were very busy during this time and I was sad to see it end. I remember thinking of all the waste,” he said. The site is slowly disappearing into the snow. Its outbuildings are no longer visible and drifting snow will consume it completely one day, but that day appears to be decades away.” _Source
Across Antarctica and on circa-Antarctic islands, multiple exploratory outposts and settlements have been abandoned over the decades, for reclamation by the growing ice fields.
The most famous and disturbingly well-preserved of these [abandoned] places is the camp built by Robert Scott and his party on Ross Island in 1911. The seaweed-insulated wooden cabin and its outbuildings were supposed to be the team’s shelter when they returned from their attempt to be the first people to visit the South Pole. _DarkRoastedBlend_via_GrimReviews_via_DepressedMetabolism
Be sure to view this array of photos of abandoned Antarctic sites.

Depressed Metabolism has posted several articles dealing with abandoned sites at this posting, including abandoned mines in Sardinia and abandoned underground stations in London.

Here is an amazing guide to abandoned places from WebUrbanist.

Abandoned buildings and installations are treasures for exploration, particularly for young boys. Older boys such as myself can find their hearts beating a little faster contemplating an expedition to such abandoned sites -- ghost towns and outposts waiting for living souls to haunt.

New Year's Eve may be the best of times for the contemplation such places, a sober devotional to auld lang syne, as anodyne to the hedonistic excesses of the evening.

Happy New Year and beyond. Be sure to do your best this year to grasp the big picture view, in dynamic supersensivision. Look for all the poetry and treasure that washes up on your shore.

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