28 November 2008

Obama: Incompetence Beyond Redemption

There are different types of incompetence. There is the incompetence of inexperience, which may go away with time, training, and hard knocks. Then there is the incompetence of set ideological trajectory. That type of incompetence is incapable of learning from mistakes. It is doomed to spectacular failure with huge collateral damage. That is the type of incompetence that Obama and his incoming administration--along with the new Congress--possess.

All around the web, one hears the voices of the loyal opposition loudly proclaim that they are willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt--at least until February. That is quite sporting of them, actually, and also quite stupid. It is like a New Orleans resident saying that he will give Hurricane Katrina the benefit of a doubt, at least for a day or two after the city begins flooding. Not very bright and certainly not prescient.

Obama is a disaster written in neon lights by everything that we know about the man, his associates, his backers, and what he has been done since his election. With a clueless executive and an out of control ideologically rabid congress on the loose, the disasters borne of incompetence could come fast and furious.

Government is turning into the most significant problem for US citizens in their entire lives. In the name of "looking out for the little guy", the new reich promises to destroy every opportunity for private sector advancement, startups, saving, and other traditional methods of working one's own way up in the world. Instead, Obama offers endless taxes, regulations, the shutdown of most large sources of vital energy and power supply, a huge open door for labour unions to takeover whole industries, and a cordial invitation to trial lawyers to tear down what little can be built up in an environment wholly hostile to business and industry.

If you are a person of conscience who is a military member, or a civil service worker, what do you do when your own government and employer declares war on US Constitutional rights and liberties? What do you do when the government goes on the attack against the producer classes, chokes off innovation, starves the nation of vital energy? You retire if you can. If not, what are the choices--not only for government workers of integrity but for anyone with a lot to lose from the oppressive neo-fascist style of government that Obama and cohorts appear to be bringing into existence?

The answer to that question will be the topic of a series of postings at various Al Fin blogs over the next several weeks. The question is one that psychological neotenates and the academically lobotomised will never ask. But the rest of us have no choice.

The answer will not involve violence or open insurrection. When the extreme hardship consequences of the incoming reich's policies hits the population, the violence that naturally results will be something that Al Fin readers should know how to avoid and protect against. There will be plenty of anger and violence without more informed and aware people adding to it.

Some bloggers are discussing various destinations in the world, to sit out the Obamapocalypse and Obamageddon. I am not ready to set my escape in motion as of yet. North America has been one of my favourite parts of the world for a long time. I am not prepared to abandon this amazing continent, yet.

Scattered throughout North America are large numbers of enclaves of semi-autonomous regions, with their own governments, law enforcement, and internal rules of law. Besides the official semi-autonomous enclaves are many unofficial semi-autonomous enclaves of various degrees of functionality. It should not be too difficult to devise a network of quasi-invisible, semi-autonomous enclaves of cooperating groups, functioning with minimal contact with the US or Canadian federal governments.

Do not expect ideological, ethnic, religious, or even linguistic homogeneity among these groups. Only a cooperative dedication to freedom. Time to start building, and no time to spare.

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Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

Rather than being sporting (or stupid) I feel that offering to give him a (brief) chance is what differentiates opponents of Obama with the Bush derangement crowd. Bush's opponents were so ideologically rabid that they were easily lead to believe that a mere 8 months or so after being sworn in he had managed to orchestrate a massive, transnational conspiracy (possibly using holograms and hidden explosives) to self-inflict 9-11. We want to be able to hold up actual examples of mistakes and misdeeds when we criticize him.

And frankly, Obama would need to actually be competent to orchestrate many of the worst of his pseudo-proposed policies. Appointing large numbers of Clintoniacs and even retaining some Bush appointees is not going to make for a smooth transition to a Soviet style system. Frankly he seems to be giving the finger to his freakier supporters and replacing the dream of a workers paradise with a business-as-usual pork buffet.

Which brings up the other reason to be generous in giving him a chance: it freaks the left out. They are creeped out that conservatives are being civil to him and suspect that maybe something is up. No frantic efforts to declare martial law, or demand nation wide recounts or screaming and gnashing of teeth - It is so foreign to the left's idea of how an electoral defeat should be handles that it both embarrasses them and aggravates their paranoia. Could it be that that old boogieman of success (which the left hates) has canceled the spell and means that Obama is not the savior? They are already disturbed at not seeing any Che-like berets or Taliban-like beards among Obama's staff picks.

Four years of crazy laws that get overturned on constitutional grounds masking a lot of corruption and the nation will be ready for a lot less "change (they) can believe in".

As much as Obama may want to be peaceful and friendly to Iran that nation may soon give him no choice but to go to war with it. At that point he and the Democrats become what they have mocked and since the Internet never forgets the opportunities for Internet videos ridiculing Democratic hypocrisy are limitless. Yet I personally would support him in a war against Iran since the benefits of regime change there are too important to resist.

Friday, 28 November, 2008  
Blogger neil craig said...

"Government is turning into the most significant problem for US citizens in their entire lives."

I think this is the inevitable result of government growing to be about 40% of the economy. Even without the regulatory powers which go far beyond that 40% it automaticaly becomes the only game in town.

Ring fencing particlar costs with a set proportion of particular taxes or more evenly sharing costs with the states should help but ultimately the size of government has to fall. In my opinion this would be most feasibly done by a hiring ban in most Federal departments with about 5% retiring annually.

Saturday, 29 November, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes, Neil, but you are being reasonable. Government bureaucracies exist only to grow larger.

Baron, you are being reasonable, as well. I suggest you establish dual citizenship, run for Congress from a district in Montana, and go to the US Congress and try your rationality out there.

If Obama were the only incompetent/irrational part of the incoming government, there would be no problem. The executive branch can be contained fairly well by the other two branches when it attempts too much.

Unfortunately, Obama will be joined by a Congress that is if anything, even more inept and delusional than Obama. Which means that Obama can appoint any number of anti-Constitutional US judges he wishes with the assurance that they will be appointed. Bingo. Three out of three branches of the US government under the control of forces antagonistic to the US Constitution, and its unique concept of human rights that has allowed the US to prosper for over 220 years.

Anything could happen, not necessarily the worst, and not necessarily anything extremely bad. Yet, given the portents, anyone who is not preparing for the worst in this situation, is floating down a lazy river in Egypt.

Saturday, 29 November, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Media share a large part of the blame, in that they don't report news, but hype and hysteria. They cover for those who are not competent, and spread lies about those who are.

As long as they control the flow of information, it will be very hard to turn the situation around. And there is only so long people can hunker down.

We see defiant material like pictures of automatic weapons with captions like "just try to take it." Haven't these people seen what our military can do, and how they are quite capable of taking them away from our enemy. The only hope Americans have is if the Military is incapable of seeing their own brothers and sisters as the enemy. (Maybe that's why the Left wants to yield American sovereignty to foreigners?)

Friday, 17 July, 2009  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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