29 November 2008

Glaciers Grow, Earth Cools, People Grumble

There is both growing public reluctance to make personal sacrifices and a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the major international efforts now underway to battle climate change, according to findings of a poll of 12,000 citizens in 11 countries, including Canada. _Source
As if to scoff at the global warming orthodoxy, Mother Nature has decided to treat Europe to unseasonably cold weather. So naturally, ski resorts are opening early.

Glaciers in Norway and Alaska that had been shrinking for decades and more, have begun to accumulate new snow and ice. Although Al Gore chose not to mention it during his recent appearance on Oprah, glaciers in the US Pacific Northwest are also growing. More on Alaskan glacier growth at this PDF file.

We are seeing the shift of climate regimes, from warmer PDO and AMO oscillations, to the cool phases of each oscillation. This cooler climate regime is likely to last for decades. Meanwhile, solar activity has gone quiet again, raising the spectre of a "solar minimum" to go along with the cooler ocean oscillations. Even worse, some scientists are beginning to raise the old warning that we are overdue for the next ice age. A word to the wise.

Narcissist-elect Obama rode the global warming horse all the way to the White House, without once mentioning the fact that Earth's climate has been cooling for almost ten years. Obama hopes that his special charismatic style of denial will be enough to bring EU climate ministers back into unanimity, within the orthodoxer fold. But since climate extremism, such as Obama and Gore advocate, is deadly to economic prosperity, the EU would have to feel particularly suicidal to continue along its current path. A suicidal Europe would be nothing new, however.

Because of economic hard times, Obama himself may find it difficult to persuade many US legislators to pass suicidal climate regulations, despite his political party holding overwhelming control of Congress. If so, he will bypass Congress and use presidential powers via the executive branch to institute energy-starvation policies via the EPA. The more likely scenario is that enough members of Congress can be bought with pork, so as to provide Obama's anti-CO2 jihad with Congressional cover.

Many members of the "loyal opposition" say that Obama cannot possibly be as bad for the US as his record, his associations, his public statements, and his autobiographies say he will be. Whatever. Do what you want to do. The rest of us may choose to make alternate preparations, just in case.

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