20 July 2008

New Adventure Toys for Better Fun

The ICON A5 amphibious 2-seater sport plane just made its maiden test flight on a California lake.
Designed to be predictable and easy-to-fly, the ICON A5 features a high-strength, lightweight carbon fiber airframe and is powered by a reliable, 100-hp Rotax http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotax 912 ULS engine that runs on both auto and aviation gasoline at an estimated top speed of 120 mph. Besides the folding wings, more unique features specific to the ICON A5 include an intuitive, sports car-like cockpit with MP3 port, and patent-pending Seawing platform for easy access and docking on water.

The estimated price of the ICON A5 standard model is USD$139,000 _
The test pilot was pleased with the first flight, and declares the plane ready to fly "out of the box."

The Aqua one-person submersible watercraft is shaped like a dolphin for optimal underwater maneuvering.
This concept is a one-manned submersible watercraft that can sail both on and under the surface of water. It was developed for the day when, due to increased crowding and pollution, humans will be living on and under the oceans. Then, people will need a new type of underwater transportation, like a submersible craft. The Aqua has a dolphin-like shape that is ideal for moving under the water. The design also explored controlling buoyancy, supplying oxygen and how to protect the driver from water pressure. _BW_via_gizmowatch


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