24 May 2008

Nano-Weapons of the Near Future

Nano-weapons are coming soon. No one knows exactly when, but you can be sure that they will see you before you see them!
Nano-Weaponry – Testing the Limits

Here are just some of the possibilities:

1.) Nano-Scouts – Using technologies that effectively “lives on” and controls live insects, the proverbial “fly on the wall” may have literally hundreds or even thousands of parasitic nano-scouts living on its exterior....

2.) Nano-Poisons – Most people instantly think of poison as a tool for killing someone. But nanotechnology, with its ability to trigger specific brain functions, will provide a whole new menu of poison options. As an example, a liar-poison will make it impossible for someone to tell the truth. A kleptomaniac poison will make it impossible for the person to stop stealing things. An alcoholic poison will make a person unable to stop drinking alcohol. The obesity poison will cause a person to eat themselves to death. And my favorite - - we’ll call it the “frontal lobotomy poison,” - - will make a person incapable of being angry or mean.

3.) Nano Force Fields – Any field powerful enough to keep the bad guys out is also capable of keeping the bad guys in....

4.) Nano Mind Erasers – Neutralizing a person’s memory can often be a more powerful defense than killing them. Micro fields flaring up in a succession of unnoticeable tiny brain bursts may wipe sections of a brain clean without anyone ever noticing. Alzheimer’s in a can.

5.) Nano Needles – Invisible to the human eye, nano diameter needles will be shot like clusters of bullets from great distances to “pin” people to a wall or freeze their physical movement. Nano needles, because of their tiny diameter, will be the ultimate non-lethal weapon, leaving no visible wounds and causing no permanent damage.

6.) Water Bullets – As a different kind of non-lethal weapon, self-contained water balls, formed around an elevated surface tension containment system, will be used to knock people down, temporarily rendering them harmless.

7.) Desynchronized Energy Fields – Binary power, created by the intersection of two otherwise harmless beams, has the ability to disrupt the energy fields in an individual. A person with desynchronized energy fields will feel extremely fatigued, and pushed to a more extreme level, will drop unconsciously to the ground. A new form of stun-gun.

8.) Nano Heart-Stoppers and Stroke Inducers – ... nano-blood flow restrictors that induce excruciating pain and reduce the victim to a fraction of who they once were, over a long period of time, have the side benefit of telling the world “don’t mess with me” or you’ll end up like this guy. __FS__via__FutureScanner
A future of nano-dust spies, sentinels, assassins, and defensive weapons, is one that most of the world's military specialists are unprepared for--to say nothing of the average world citizen. Yet most of these weapons are far closer and easier to devise and build, than the molecular nano-assembler--the horn of plenty that most people think of when they think of a nanotechnological future.

Nano-weapons combined with bio-weapons, chemical weapons, and genetic weapons, provide the budding world religious or ideological dictator with far more ultimate power than a few nuclear weapons.

Of course, every measure has a counter-measure. But not everyone will have the resources to obtain counter-measures, when the means of deadly attack becomes nearly ubiquitous. Have you thought lately about what I said regarding minimum viable population?

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Blogger Will Brown said...

I think I detect a minor engineering problem with #5, Nano Needles.

If they really are "the ultimate non-lethal weapon, leaving no visible wounds and causing no permanent damage", what's to stop the putative "victim" from simply walking off the needles "pinning" him to the wall? A needle that size would just pull right through the "wound channel", apparently without causing any physical damage, so how would this in any way hinder an enemy combatant? Would one even know if one had been shot?

I think this one needs a little more work. :)

Saturday, 24 May, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Call them tapered needles. Narrow at the point, but widening farther out. If the victim stays still, he's okay. If he moves, he rips himself to shreds. The variations on the theme are endless.

That's the thing with these weapons. The imagination can go crazy thinking about them. Obviously, reality will set in for some of the ideas, and they'll have to be scrapped. For others, weapons designers may find a perverse serendipity that tips the balance of power.

Saturday, 24 May, 2008  
Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

The ones that are more useful for assassinations might be helpful in dealing with personality cults and for destabilizing some hierarchies. People sometimes overestimate the value of assassinations since there are many totalitarian regimes which look like they are under the sole control of an individual when it is more the case that the individual is the beneficiary of the totalitarian system. We need to achieve a better understanding of how totalitarian systems can be undermined while we are developing these weapons. Assassination of key supporters and goons could be more beneficial in one nation while just killing the top dog might be sufficient in others.

Sunday, 25 May, 2008  
Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

But then, the ability to use MRI and other technologies to discover when an unwilling subject is "familiar" with a face or object etc. (possibly an easier and even more useful goal than "lie detection") could also become a boon to dismantling terrorist, criminal and espionage networks. Since many rouge nations make use of these groups it would further limit their reach.

But the most important goal might be to develop communications technologies which are harder to detect and block, by totalitarian systems while being cheap enough for dissidents and average people to set up. Neighborhood intranets and even smaller satellite TV dishes would be a start. More thought should be given to designing technology to suit the needs of people living under paranoid and repressive regimes.

Sunday, 25 May, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Baron, you seem to be assuming that these tools will remain under the control of rational, sane, well-meaning individuals. That is a dangerous assumption to make, given the rapid emergence of a CCP-led China, and its close ties to N. Korea as well as Iran and Syria.

China and Russia are supportive of Iran and N. Korea's nuclear ambitions. Why not also support the rogue states in developing other means for opposing the main world opposition to China and Russia splitting the world between them--the US?

The insane leadership of the rogue states makes a convenient cat's paw for larger governments that remain behind the scenes. Plausible deniability.

Expect all hell to break loose if Senator Obama does what he promises to do.

Sunday, 25 May, 2008  
Blogger Acid said...

hwaa....after all, the bad effect of the invention of nano-tech....but i believe that there will be the answer to this weapon by making some googles that "can see" nano bullets... :D

Friday, 20 November, 2009  
Blogger Unknown said...

if this is near in the future, surely the military will take over it and use it to destroy matter, it will be the fist thing on their mind

Saturday, 10 April, 2010  
Blogger Atidrip said...

how far is it possible to destroy matter using nanotechnology?

Thursday, 03 February, 2011  
Blogger Ambuj Tiwari said...

but i think that #5 nano needle need a little bit correction we can fill those needles with some mild poison which can drive the victim into unconciousness

Saturday, 07 January, 2012  

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