03 May 2008

Clean Burning Bio-Coal From Torrefaction Processing of Wood and Biomass

Biomass that has been treated by the torrefaction process is very close to coal in energy content, but unlike coal, torrefied biomass is virtually pollution free and smokeless. The torrefaction process is self-sustaining and relatively simple and fast. It creates a biomass derived coal substitute that is virtually pollution-free.
Torrefaction (300-400º C) liberates water, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and hemicellulose (HC) from the cellulose and lignin.
The VOC and HC are combusted to generate process heat.
TW can easily replace coal in combustion or be a feedstock for further pyrolysis or gasification for combined heat and power or Fischer-Tropsch liquids.
The warm lignin acts as a binder when the torrefied wood (TW) is pelletized. __PDFTorrefiedWoodPPT
Torrefied biomass, or biocoal, can be fired along with coal in power plants, or can be used altogether in place of coal in unmodified plants. More on clean biocoal:
1. Very Clean burning
2. Cheaper than coal
3. Very safe for the Environment
4. Only True Solution to Global Warming
5. Green House Gas Neutral
6. Tree plantations clean environment
7. Virtually no water pollution
8. Infinite supply
9. Equal or more BTU’s to coal
10. Low moisture __Source
More on biocoal here.

H/T QiBioenergy

Torrefaction processing of biomass can be seen as a parallel energy path to gasification or other thermochemical processes for turning waste biomass into world-class energy products.

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Blogger SwampWoman said...

Hmmm. I barely remember my grandfather's coal burning furnace; rather, I remember the coal truck delivering down a chute.

It would be interesting to have a biocoal furnace, not that we need much supplemental heat, but it's nice to be prepared.

Saturday, 03 May, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Biomass pellet stoves are becoming more common, and may qualify for a DOE or EPA grant to pay for most of it.

Torrefied wood, or bio-coal, can supposedly burn in any coal burner as is--without modification. That isn't true for non-torrefied pellets, which may require special stoves (especially switchgrass pellets).

Friday, 09 May, 2008  

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