09 January 2008

Nanomedicine Timeline

Image source and more information: Nanowerk

Nanotechnology has a significant role to play in the future of medicine, just as it is indispensable to the future of energy.
Nanomedicine not only includes a wide range of technologies that can be applied to medical devices, materials, procedures, and treatment modalities, but this emerging field also will evolve dramatically in the years and decades to come, likely with unexpected breakthroughs that are impossible to predict.

According to an expert group of the European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA), "the majority of current commercial applications of nanotechnology to medicine is geared towards drug delivery to enable new modes of action, as well as better targeting and bioavailability of existing medicinal substances. Novel applications of nanotechnology include nanostructure scaffolds for tissue replacement, nanostructures that allow transport across biological barriers, remote control of nanoprobes, integrated implantable sensory nanoelectronic systems and multifunctional chemical structures for drug delivery and targeting of disease."

More information on Nanomedicine:

Robert A. Freitas "Nanomedicine Vol. I"
Nanowerk Nanotechnology Reports

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