10 January 2008

Humans Still Evolving: No One Knows Where

Recent research on human genomes from several continents shows that distinct human breeding populations are still evolving away from each other. But is this a good thing? Even in countries such as Canada--where several tribes of humans coexist--the tribes appear to be evolving apart. Fragments of homo multiculturalis.

Humans are ingenious primates. Within Europe--for a time the center of world invention and science--evolution seems to have led to homo welfarensis. To make sure Europeans never regress to the atavistic state, European educational systems have instituted a brutal mind-warping indoctrination of its children away from economic freedoms, toward economic authoritarianism.

In many muslim countries, evolution seems to have been striving toward the apex of producing the perfect suicide bomber. Evidence suggests this evolutionary path has neared its goal.

In South America, evolved human ingenuity is largely applied to better ways of producing and smuggling illegal drugs.

Russia appears to have evolved an allergy to procreation--with a rapidly shrinking population unable to man its crumbling civil and military infrastructure. Simultaneously, the evolved Russian tendency to grab any land in sight has mutated to include a grabbing of large areas of seabed. This Russian grab is stimulating a worldwide rush to exploit the arctic.

In China, farmlands are shrinking, the quality of existing food cannot be guaranteed, and many are wondering about the wisdom of locating the 2008 Olympics Summer Games in Beijing.

While hugely important scientific advances are taking place constantly--particularly in the Anglosphere, Europe, and East Asia--human evolution has not been all to the good.

In fact, anyone who is exposed to the mainstream media at all cannot help but wonder how humans can possibly survive as a species? Humans are certainly "glitched", and in many ways a total "kludge." But they do not have to remain that way.

That concern is one reason for the Al Fin blog, and the Al Fin sidebar resource. Every writer at Al Fin wishes for the human species to evolve into a wiser, more intelligent, happier, longer-lived, healthier and more accomplished primate. We share that concern with participants at the Lifeboat Foundation.

If you share that concern, browse the Al Fin sidebar and the resources over at the Lifeboat Foundation. From there, you will find an electronic universe of others who share at least some of your attitudes and concerns. You may even find a partial solution to work on.

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Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

This is an interesting topic and a fascinating issue but there is a great deal of information to take into account when forming opinions.

One thing to consider is that human genetic diversity has been said to have gone through some important bottle necks in its span of time, especially one about 700 000 years ago if I remember correctly when a climactic event was said to have reduced our population to just a few thousand at most. Rapid diversification might not be all that great a problem when considering that.

And while inter-regional and inter-racial marriage may have been higher as a percentage during the earlier round of industrial scale globalization during the mid 18 to the early 19 hundreds, the movement of immigrants via advanced transportation and such allow genes to move further and faster than ever before so I am skeptical that there is any risk of speciation.

The selective pressure of things like urbanization and agriculture and modern technology based cultures would seem to favor those who can adapt to complex modern societies.

When a suicide bomber or a mass shooter kills, his victims are fairly random but he creates a selective pressure that eliminates one very important sample of individuals from the population - people like him. Prison and violent tendencies also must reduce the fertility rate of maladaptive people at a far greater rate than they do in simpler times and settings. Jihad is draining the violent and zealous youth from the newly urbanized and newly prosperous regions of the Islamic world while age is beginning to remove the proponents of these violent ideologies.

There are many ways that population dynamics are like economics but one that I have noticed is how common sense and conventional wisdom is often at odds with what empirical evidence reveals. Just as many acts which are thought to make for "compassionate" and "socially just" economic policies hurt those they are meant to help, so our best logic can easily make predictions of evolutionary trends miss the mark.

Thursday, 10 January, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Thanks for a very thoughtful comment, Baron.

The population bottleneck you are thinking of may be the "Toba Event" ca 70,000 years ago.

Friday, 11 January, 2008  
Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

Only one order of magnitude off. Not bad for my memory.

Saturday, 12 January, 2008  
Blogger Jan Theuninck Art said...

Homo multiculturalis T. is also a painting made by Belgian artist Jan Theuninck about the multicultural man in the international migration society.

Sunday, 27 September, 2009  

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