25 December 2007

Climate Orthodoxy--A Clear Violation of Separation-of-Church-and-State?

Many government schools and government buildings in North America refused to display Christmas decorations this season. They claimed that such festive displays would violate the "separation of church and state" clause, or would otherwise be prejudicial in favour of religion. Yet, how many of the same schools and bureaucracies mount advocacy campaigns and displays supporting the quasi-religion of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW)?

CAGW is in line to become the "official world religion" by virtue of the involvement of the UN's IPCC in the promotion of one narrow interpretation of climate data. The EU has certainly made CAGW its official European religion.

While the CAGW religion does not involve weekly services, mass, or prayer, it does involve a total life commitment that would make even totalitarian Islamists, Nazis, or Communists cringe. Of course, that is only true if you live in the developed first world--the Anglosphere, Europe, Japan, S. Korea. If you live in the third world, you are given absolution from CAGW for the indefinite future--even if your production of wicked greenhouse gases becomes much larger than that emitted by 1st worlders.

The third world is also excused from much worse sins against the Earth than greenhouse gas--rainforest depletion, and wildlife habitat destruction, among other sins.

Evidence for the seriousness of greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to evidence for the existence of a supreme being. One must have faith. In the case of CAGW, one must have faith in the UN and its political/quasi-scientific/quasi-religious arm, the IPCC. As long as one has faith in the IPCC, and the IPCC policy reporting authorities are controlled by those of proper faith in CAGW, all will be well with the orthodoxy.

If one has been made accustomed to being a passive recipient and receptacle of knowledge from above (perhaps without realizing it), the CAGW religion is not so difficult to accept in the beginning. The same was true for Bolshevism and Nazism--in the beginning. But as the full consequences and repercussions of totalitarianism grow in the mind of the individual, a questioning mind will go back to first principles. Is totalitarianism truly necessary?

The US founding fathers did not actually create a "wall of separation" between church and state. Rather, they attempted to prohibit the "establishment of religion" by the state--in fact they wanted to prevent a "state religion" from being established, with all its corrupting influence on both government and religion. But such establishment of a state religion is exactly what appears to be happening with CAGW.

CAGW has already corrupted the Nobel Prizes. It has corrupted the UN and one of its branches. It has corrupted the funding of much of academia, most of the media, and the government education systems of most of the first world. If you believe in CAGW, and take the orthodoxy's dogmas to heart, then you are obligated to leap into action.

But your actions cannot involve only yourself, and those you are personally responsible for. No, your actions must involve everyone and everything on the planet. If the "A" in CAGW is to mean anything at all, it must mean that there are too many people on the planet. That would mean that a human extinction movement would be a good thing. People who think like Eric Pianka may actually be heroes of the planetary state. If you are truly into CAGW, you will be interested in dioff.org and similar extremist groups.

Religions do not look for proof, only for verification. That is why dissenting scientific voices from within the IPCC are silenced, why the mainstream media only reports news from the "faux consensus", and why non-representative bureaucracies at all levels of government, inter-government, and world government are pressing ahead for irrevocable measures establishing CAGW as revealed truth and the basis for a massive overhaul of the world's balance of power and economy. I say irrevocable, because huge bureaucracies have a ratcheting mechanism that only works one way--more of the same, but bigger and costlier.

Once the massive bureaucracy of CAGW is firmly in place--with its tentacles wrapped around government and regulatory agencies at all levels and in every country of the developed world, its progressive strangulation of the "free world" will be irrevocable.

Even should the predictions of the astrophysicists and solar scientists for a weaker series of solar cycles 24 and 25 come true within the next decade, even should the Earth find herself in the midst of a "Maunder" style minimum little ice age climate, the massive quasi-religious bureaucracy of CAGW will stay in place. And the resources that would have proved invaluable in dealing with climate reality would instead be squandered in the service of climate religion--climate fantasy.

Hence the mad rush toward a global state religion, before ordinary citizens in the first world begin to wake up and question the need for a totalitarian state religion, the climate orthodoxy.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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