06 December 2007

Carnival of Space 32 is Up plus 11th Climate Carnie

Via Brian Wang at Advanced Nano: The 32nd edition of Carnival of Space is Up at Robot Guy

It's the Energy Stupid! sounds like my cup of tea--suitably succinct and assertive.

Can it be true? Is the Solar Sail soon to RISE AGAIN? I hope so, as it is one of the best uses of solar power yet conceived.

Last but note least, Advanced Nanotechnology presents some of Brian Wang's favourite astropropulsion approaches. If Brian likes it, it's probably very good.

The 11th issue of the Carnival of Climate Change came up when I did not have good net access, so I missed it. But there is a lot happening on the "climate change" front, so here is a summary:

The founder of The Weather Channel says Global Warming is a big scam.

Some climate scientists are wondering how long the hysteria over CAGW can be maintained in the face of contradictory evidence.

In Megafreeze, Bruce Hall looks at what happened when the "global temperature" dropped 1-2 degrees C from current levels. Not a pretty picture.

A large but "beneath the radar" private project is casting huge doubt on the entire temperature data set used by the IPCC and prominent GCM promoters of CAGW.

Famed climate analyst Ross McKitrick is telling on the IPCC for using contaminated data.

Lubos Motl wonders why temperatures seem to be cooling rather than warming.

The Icecap casts doubt on IPCC science from several directions at once.

Brian Wang at Advanced Nano says the US Congress may be preparing to pass massive anti-greenhouse gas legislation as soon as President Bush is out of office. If so, that would establish the US Congress as the most regressive of governmental institutions.

Update: John Ray provides an omnibus of solar-climate articles and abstracts. Just read past the short "chicken joke" to the series of fascinating articles on solar forcing.

New Energy and Fuel blog finally gets to the bottom of global warming, and finds: It's the SUN, Stupid!

More at the carnivals and websites linked above. You were given your brain for a reason. Do not let it rot from lack of use.

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