13 November 2007

American Universities Running Scared--Academic Monkeys Don't Want You to Watch This Film!

Why are American Universities trying to prevent the public from looking behind the scenes into campus suppression of free speech? Indoctrinate U. is an indy film produced by young filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney. But Maloney has been sued by a major US university to prevent him from providing "Indoctrinate U." online. What is it about "free speech" that these academic monkeys cannot understand?

For now, Maloney's earlier film on free speech on campus is available online at Google Video. I will keep the film at the above link as long as Google keeps it online. If you have not seen Indoctrinate U., you can request a viewing at this link.

THEFIRE.ORG is a legal organisation dedicated to defending students' free speech rights. Attorneys at FIRE are accustomed to confronting academics and administrators who are seemingly unaware that the US Constitution applies on campuses. The recent U. Delaware attempt to run concentration/indoctrination camps from within its own student recidence halls is just one example of the egregious abuse of students' rights that universities seem to feel is within their power.

American universities have become bastions of intolerance and indoctrination. Parents who lovingly spend their life savings for a child's education should demand much more from a university than an academic lobotomy and brainwashing. Society should do the same.

The one-sidedness of university administrations and faculty in terms of political/philosophical points of view and financing of extra-curricular activities, lectures, films etc. to students, has crippled the modern students' ability to see more than point of view, or to persuasively argue his own perspective to intelligent and informed persons.

This is the opposite approach to that which universities should adopt. The diversity of ideas is the only form of diversity that is meaningful in education. By restricting students to one perspective, the students have been lobotomised. Too, too bad.

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Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

This sounds like a very interesting documentary but no one seems to be able to tell me if the evolution issue is one of the issues which the film deals with. I am a strong critic of intelligent design and the anti-evolution movement and I would be concerned that the film makers might lump the inability of the ID/creationist movement to provide a scientific theory, a quality paper or a convincing argument, in with more substantive objections to far left bias and censorship.

Monday, 26 November, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

The documentary has absolutely nothing to do with evolution/ID/creationism or any religion. It is purely about the freedom of expression--or lack thereof--on university campuses.

Tuesday, 27 November, 2007  

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