06 September 2007

Naked Glacier Dwellers In Danger of Extinction from Global Warming

A tribe of naked glacier dwellers was recently discovered in the middle of a mass trans-glacial migration, by wildlife photographers high in a remote portion of the Swiss Alps. The ice-dwelling tribe comprises almost six hundred naked members, who apparently speak only body language for communication.

Highly trained anthropologists from Greenpeace were rushed to the scene in an attempt to discover the tribe's history and customs, before the glaciers vanish and the tribe goes extinct. The Greenpeace scientists quickly shed their own clothes, in a desperate attempt to establish communication, as the clock ticks down on global warming.

As of our last radio transmission, all attempts at establishing body language communication had been unsuccessful--perhaps because the proximity to the glacier induced uncontrollable shivering and shrinkage of certain body tissues of the researchers. The message conveyed to the tribe by the shivering shrinkage apparently repulsed all members of the tribe, who significantly turned their backs on the scientists. At that very moment, an eerie yodeling sound echoed from the surrounding peaks, as if the glaciers themselves had cried out in pain.

Al Gore, James Hansen, Bono, Laurie David, and Leonardo di Caprio announced a joint filmmaking expedition to explore and preserve this courageous tribe in the fight for its very existence. "For at least three long ice ages and inter-glacials this care-free tribe led an idyllic existence among the clouds," said Gore. "We hope that their sad story will shame all of those who deny the global warming holocaust, those traitors to the children of Gaia."

All of us can only echo Mr. Gore's sentiments, and wish the very best for the naked glacier dwellers in the sky. Even after they are extinct, we will never forget the ice people and their brave struggle.

Hat tip Lubos

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Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

I wonder who these people support in the US Presidential campaign.

Saturday, 08 September, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

They are the aboriginal Swiss people. I suspect they have never registered to vote either in Switzerland or in the US. Can you imagine a group of them trying to get into a US polling site--often located in elementary schools? Oh, the persecution! Oh, the humanity!

Saturday, 08 September, 2007  

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