16 May 2007

Peak Oil: Meet Nuclear Oil Sands

Nuclear Oil Sands, the next big thing? Another provocative posting from advanced nanotechnology blog.

As long as the price of oil stays above $50 per barrel, oil sands will be profitable for investors. One of the problems with the ultra-thick bitumen mined from the oil sands, is that it requires a lot of heat to process. By combining a nuclear reactor--with its copious waste heat--to oil sands processing, the process of refining useable oil from gunk is expedited.

If the Canadians are able to navigate the regulatory minefields to make this plan work--against the protests of all of the pseudo-environmentalist activists--the same thing may be used for oil shales.

Alberta and Saskatchewan are experiencing significant booms from oil sands construction and production projects. A lot of jobs are available for skilled workers.

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