23 April 2007

Virtual Learning: Getting an Education in Second Life

Second Life is an alternate reality virtual environment where ordinary people can go to be extraordinary. Second Life is an education in itself, but soon a person may be able to go to Second Life universities to get an education, and perhaps a valid degree.

You can learn about genetics in Second Life, you can visit the doctor or hospital in Second Life, and eventually will probably be able to go to "medical school" in the virtual environment.

There is the Second Life library. There is also a Second Life medical library and a health library.

Second Life (SL) can function as a "mirror world", where real world people and organisations function normally in a virtual environment, or it can serve as a fantasy world escape from reality. Such a large scale virtual environment can serve as a superset of virtual environments. Any number of virtual games such as WOW could occur within SL. In fact, if I were WOW, I would hurry to establish a presence on SL before SL begins running competitive environments that draw WOW players.

Hat tip Neurophilosophy's Gene Genie bioscience carnival

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