19 April 2007

Hip Hop Perspectives on the Universe, Regenerative Medicine, Nano Simulations

Some of you may wish to turn the volume down and select your own music for this "powers of ten" video.

Advanced Nano blog alerts us to progress being made in regenerative medicine.
The idea of growing an organ from one’s own cells or healing spinal cord injuries with cells transformed from embryonic stem cells used to be considered fodder for science fiction movies, but no more. Companies are not only developing technologies that can do exactly that, but these methods provide real potential to cure certain conditions and diseases.

According to “2020—A New Vision: A Future for Regenerative Medicine”, from the U.S. DHHS, regenerative medicine has the potential to exceed $500 billion within the next 20 years. Companies will be coming together to share their progress in this area at the “Termis North America Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Conference”, to be held in June.
Read more specifics at the source.

Michael Anissimov points to a blog full of nanotech simulations. These are the nuts and bolts of molecular nanotech machines. Go to the earliest sims in March, and work your way back to the present to better understand the progress being made by the blog author.

If you sit and wait for the mainstream media to tell you about the future, you will be much too late to profit from it, to any large degree. The future is being built behind the scenes in small steps. Small steps come together to make larger steps, and so on. But you will never know about these steps soon enough if you wait for the BBC, CBC, ABC, CNN, or Fox. Because by the time the "science journalists" tell you about it, everyone else will know already.

With all the information sources, free courses, tutorials etc. available on the internet, there is no excuse for any intelligent person not to have a reasonable understanding of basic science and technology. The problem is not really a lack of available knowledge. The problem is a lack of understanding of where to place the knowledge inside a larger knowledge framework.

Educational systems in the west are preoccupied with teaching students not to offend anyone. A basic understanding of the universe and how it works is considered unimportant next to politically correct sensitivities. Therefore it is up to you to teach yourself, and although the educational system receives hundreds of billions of tax dollars to use in teaching, you have no one to blame but yourself if you choose to rely on mainstream sources.

Now, the nanotech simulations at Machine Phase blog are fascinating, but I have the same reservations about them that I had when I first read Drexler's Nanosystems.
Why would someone believe that imitating macro-scale machines on the nano level is the best way to achieve nano-efficacy?

The many lessons yet to be learned from molecular biology may very well point to more efficient and efficacious ways of getting things done at the molecular level. So while the engineer in me thrills at the tiny gears, shafts, bearings, and other molecular machines designed into computer models, I am constantly thinking of alternative approaches to accomplishing the same thing.

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