08 October 2005

Making It Work

"Does it work?"

Anyone who asks that question is obviously interested in results. Does the drug cure the disease? Does the refridgerator keep the food cool? Will the automobile get good gasoline mileage and maintain its value? Will the machine work out of the box, or does it require assembly or a lot of technical support? Does the diploma guarantee a good job with high pay?

Anglospheric populations are generally results oriented. We pay our money and expect things to work in return. When things do not work we are not simply disappointed. We are outraged. Normally, we are outraged. For some odd reason, we are willing to tolerate an educational system that has failed to work for decades now.

Our educational systems have become populated with the inept, the corrupt, the indoctrinated and indoctrinators, the bigoted and intolerant, and the totally incompetent. Educational institutions have become almost totally nepotistic and anti-results oriented. We are paying large amounts of money for something that does not work. We have it within our power to correct this problem, this critical problem with ominous implications for the future. We could change it, but for some reason we will not.

Our children are being corrupted, indoctrinated in failed ideologies, made into incompetent fools. Our greatest treasures, our progeny are being smothered into mindlessness by the moronic fools who now control the institutions of learning. Why do we tolerate this suicidal absurdity?

Because it is politically correct to do so. This sheep-like march over the brink is made possible by a decerebrate dedication to a conformity that kills. The leaders of our political, educational, and mass media institutions tell us that we must conform. We must be sheep and allow them to lead us over the precipice. It is our duty, our fate. If we object, well, there is clearly something perverse about us. If we refuse to march in step toward the cliff, we acquire certain labels which designate us as being "not of the fold." Such labels can keep a person from being employed, or cause him to be released from employment without recourse.

The above portrait of a small part of a dysfunctional society is necessary to understand a small part of the forces against which pro-evolutionary forces must battle on a daily basis. Not only do dominant forces in society disapprove of the idea of improving humanity, they seem intent on destroying most of the positive elements of western civilisation. Without western civilisation, we are left with caliphates, fiefdoms, warlord kingdoms, and criminal regimes.

There are many problems that must be dealt with. Still, many humans possess an innate desire to move forward. To consolidate the gains of western civilisation, and move ahead. These are the humans who want to "make it work." They work in every creative area of human action. Before the internet, it was harder for them to know of each other. It is becoming easier to find each other. Just a relative few, among billions.

Because of the rapid convergence of institutional obstacles to progress, there is little time to lose. There is no time for mensa-style preening, or the self-congratulatory posing of extropians and transhumanists. Does it work? That is the question.
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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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